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New Single Session page and prices

my Guides are telling me to do a lot of readings now so I set up prices to make that easy.


A new package of 5 channeled meditations from the Archangels

Some of my favorite messages I’ve channeled.




Ok – back to the regular website stuff…


Is there great stuff in your life but you’re looking for more?


Freedom – power – passion – purpose:
Let’s find ways to let your wild genius shine. 


I’m Jules Apollo. I help make your biggest (best hidden) dreams come true. You want your work to matter, you want to make a difference – I connect you to your inner support network so you get the clarity and confidence you need to share your brilliance. 


I’m not for everyone. I pack a powerful punch. I work with a whole range of high powered guides: the Archangels, a Goddess Council and a whole range of Star Beings. We’ll light you up so your bones glow.


If you’ve read this far I bet you’re a visionary and innovator, someone with a big heart and a big reason for being here.   


Are you ready to blast out of what’s holding you back?


You will feel this work.

You will know without a doubt that you have help at hand.

It’s a visceral joy that you feel. 


Online classes to work with your spirit guides, VIP sessions to download a new divine blueprint, group sessions focused on powering up in nature –  get more details below. 

  • Best of all I feel total clarity about what to do next.

    — Kendrick —
  • You have this amazing fearless clarity.

    — DK —
  • It was just the coolest experience...transformational.

    — Raisha —
  • Truly life altering...helped me to step boldly into my mission.

    — Tangela —
  • WOW! Your stuff is what I have always been looking for!

    — Melisoula —
  • The class helped me see that I can do this.

    — Annie —
  • This has been a great experience...I'm so grateful to you.

    — Lisa —
  • I love your down to earth, authentic, natural, funny, beautiful, spiritual, heart connected, honest, bare your soul, fabulous sharing.

    — Jennifer —
  • Like a movie being captured through a dream I see and feel your words.

    — GDMA Whitedeer —
  • I LOVE your writing & the profound teachings that come through it.

    — Suzanne —
  • So incredibly beautiful…I actually started crying while reading it.

    — Kaity —
  • Your words, writing, stories are charged with beautiful, healing energy.

    — Jennifer —

So who am I?



I’m Jules Apollo. My inner world is vibrant: I see and hear my Spirit Guides like a movie that I’m in. When I share what I’m seeing with you, you experience it as well. That’s why I call it a visceral joy – you will feel the love and light of your guides. You see yourself and your strengths more clearly, and can feel yourself living your dreams.

I started meditating 30 years ago when I was in Peace Corps, watching the Saharan night bloom with stars. I’m a shaman, oracle, forester, and mom.

I have many Guides and I’m so grateful for those relationships. I call them my Family of Light. We all have so many Guides, cheering us on.

I have 3 sons, 3 funny dogs, and a garden full of bamboo. I love the smell of fir trees, watching old movies, singing in the car, and getting lost in stories.

Pick a program and let’s get going! There are dreams to catch and lives to change

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What To Do Right Now

Too much awesome stuff above and don't know where to start? It all begins with peace of mind, with a calm center - then you can get the nudge, hear the guidance, feel what's the best next step to making your big dreams come true. Sign up below for the email list and get your free gift.