Are you ready to soar but feeling stuck? You want a big life filled with joy and ease and grace and magic - I can help with that.

Jules ApolloHi there, I’m Jules. I empower brilliant women to share their creative (wild) genius with clarity and confidence by getting help from their spirit guides and mine.


I’m not the perfect fit for everyone: while I’m pragmatic and practical, I also hang out with powerful guides and share that energy with you. It’s not something most of us get to experience every day.


So while concepts like spirit or magic might make you uncomfortable, I also know (and can get an amen from those who’ve had a session) that this might be just the jump start you need.


I was an overly exuberant child, dreaming big, thinking that of course I’d have a life of adventure, huge impacts, and boatloads of fun.


Over the years I squashed myself down trying to fit in.  Hiding the dreamer and optimist.


Thinking I needed to put my head down and work hard.


Stop all this dreaming stuff.


Did that happen to you? Scrunched down to fit in while really wanting to just be free to do what you want?


It took me so long to start trusting myself and my dreams. I want to help you avoid all that pain and delay.  Dive right into the good stuff.


I have a lot of fun in my work, and I show up and things get done.

If you’re ready for a down-to-earth approach

to feeling out-of-this-world expansive, 

dive in baby – the water is fine.


If you crave quick ways to get unstuck and get answers on what to do next, check out the different ways here VIP Sessions and Group work.


Prefer an online class?  Here you go –  How to Talk to Your Guides


Check out the channeled meditations and journeys on the Freebies page and the Blog.


Raves from clients are here: Praises.


I took a video class once and had an assignment to make a video of 1 thing I was grateful for – gratitude is a huge part of the way I approach life so this is what I made: I figure this video (and the great tunes) are as good an intro to me as any.



Thanks for stopping by.

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