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Over the past few months I’ve had new energies and capabilities flow through me in easy ways – it feels like an unfolding, a gentle blooming instead of a blast of expansion (as sometimes happens).

I’ve been asked to start having relaxed chats with my guides every day (and recording them) to get around some of the roadblocks I put in place to channel and share.

I hadn’t intended to share this but – hey, why not? 

This is a 17 minute meditation with my guides and I record what I’m experiencing, who shows up, what happens, and where we are. Maybe the energies (which were strong, you can hear me start to cry with Mother Mary at one point) – maybe you can ride the waves of this love like a spirit spa.  When you hear me let out a breath, a puff, it’s a way of releasing the energy so my body doesn’t get too much. 

For reference: I created an inner temple to meet with my guides. I go through a shower of light before I enter and there’s a massive doorway, a portal so I can shut out my ‘normal’ reality. I’m writing a book about this process as I don’t know anyone else who’s created an inner sanctuary quite like this – but there are multiple buildings, gardens, landscapes, and places for spirited adventures.

You’ll hear me reference a number of guides who you might have heard of (Luscious is the energy of money who presents herself as a joyous Caribbean woman in vibrant clothes and lots of laughter).  The Goddess Palace is new – it’s like a large Moroccan riad made out of selenite and we hang out there and have ceremonies on the rooftop lounge.

Gotta run with what shows up! 

You can approach this in a couple of ways:

:: Just listen like I’m telling you a story

:: Grab a crystal and set the intention that you’ll experience some crystal magic along with us

:: Set the intention to receive the energy shared in support of your gifts and path and see what pops in your head or in your dreams or in your writing or…

I’d love to hear if this helped you at all – it’s raw me but I’m trying to find ways to share that feel fun and this does. 

We can do work in this temple if that’s something you’d enjoy – there’s plenty of room for all. 

For the New Moon and the coming Lion’s Gate and for no other reason then sometimes it feels good to get snuggled up and cozy.

A channeled meditation/imagination from my Guides to help you dream.

I’ll be back at the end of August.

This podcast was created to help you share your gifts, expand your creativity, and shine your light in ways that are easy and playful. 

I channel a whole range of guides – Archangels, a Goddess Council, a bunch of star beings (I call them collectively my Family of Light because they are). 

Each podcast focuses on a channeled message or meditation or pragmatic practice about how you can get clarity, comfort and confidence to focus on your creative genius (and we all have one, it might not be what you think). 

There are many guides here: see who you respond to best, see which playful practices help you the most.

There is so much love resonating from each transmission.

As they like to say – we’ll fill you up so your bones glow. Enjoy.

Find all the podcast episodes here


I realized lately that I haven’t updated my self-perception to be current with recent clearings and activations – and thought doing a spiritual spring cleaning might be helpful for you as well.

I recorded a meditation with the Goddesses to clear out the old and open to the new – this is how my meditations with my guides work and I just brought you along. You might hear some thunder, it was raining outside when I recorded this.

It’s just over 12 minutes.  I hope you enjoy it.

Spiritual spring cleaning

I’ve been getting questions lately about how to forgive. The thoughts and steps I’m going to share are what I’ve used to forgive others (and most importantly myself) for things that have happened. It’s not that I am saying that whatever you are trying to forgive is ok, the focus of these steps is to release the energies so you can be free.

Learning to do this has been one of these best things I’ve ever done for myself, and letting go of anger, blame, hatred, fear (all these lower energies/emotions) is almost like being in a hot air balloon, you are just lifted up and floating free.

I’m not going to lie: this might take focused effort on your part over a period of time. If you are forgiving someone for violence against you, such as abuse, you might also have anger at your parents or the police for not protecting you. You might have anger at yourself for not protecting yourself.  Include all of that in the processes below.

Realize as well that these issues could be part of this lifetime so you could forgive similar experiences from past lives.  The processes below can move throughout past lives as well.

I do a few things (and I repeat them, and do them in different orders – whatever works):

  • Pray for help
  • EFT to release
  • Doing something physical to release tension
  • Practicing kindness towards myself
  • Being grateful for the guidance and the ability to forgive
  • Repeating until I am free
  • Being aware of the freedom from the release and anchoring that updated feeling into my life

The point of all this is to change the energy and change your thoughts so you are freeing yourself from the ways this is holding you back. I do physical things like EFT and releasing tension because for me the physical body processes energies last, so I do things to help my body process because I’ve found that when I do this everything moves out more quickly. 

You can do 1 thing or 2 things, in different orders, or try 1 and see what works for you. It’s important to work on this, set a goal for being free of this and keep at it until you feel relief. Please remember this is like healing a deep cut – you have to clean it out and the healing takes time but it works. 


I am that I am. I call up all of my spiritual guides, known and unknown, to help me release my anger, fears, frustrations, and any and all energies related to (name the issue and person/entity – it might be a government for instance).  I call forth the violet flame of transmutation to change all of these energies to the highest love and light throughout all time and space. I ask that all of my energetic bodies, through all levels, planes and dimensions of my consciousness, be freed of thoughts, feelings or beliefs related to what I am seeking to forgive. I ask that all of my energetic bodies be cleared of this energy, and any associated energies throughout all time and space be cleared, and replaced with love and light. Any energies from this experience that are in my energetic bodies I release now, cleansed in the highest light and love and returned to their source. I call back to me know any energies that I have left in this situation or with the people involved, cleansed in the highest light and love, to return now and serve as rocket fuel for my dreams. I ask to be released from any connection to this experience and the people involved, and to be supported in moving forward with grace throughout the remainder of my life.  I ask for the energies of Archangel Michael, the Goddess Isis, and Mother Mary to fill me with light and love so I am blessed by this release. Please help me let go, please help me focus on standing in my light and love and power and grace, so that my energies and focus moving forward are on making my dreams come true. I am most grateful for the assistance in the process, and I ask that this assistance continue unceasingly until I am free of all energies, thoughts and beliefs related to this. So be it and so it is. 

EFT (tapping) to release and reprogram

I think it’s easiest to send you to YouTube to find a video/teacher you like for EFT.  Here’s one from Brad Yates that gives a good but brief introduction.  There are many teachers on YouTube, find someone you like.

I do a lot of EFT. Sometimes I just focus on an emotion without going into the details (shame is a good one for this). With EFT you start tapping on what you want to let go of, and end tapping with what you want (such as the phrase ‘I deeply and completely love, honor and accept myself’).  You can say ‘forgive myself’ in place of accept if that’s what you’re working on. When I’m really tense or can’t let go of something I’m shaming/blaming myself for I will do a round at the end of just saying I love myself.  I do this a number of times, until my physical body and breathing slows down and I am peaceful.  Forgiving can be hard work!

Something physical

Some ideas: mowing the yard, cleaning the bathroom, mopping, dancing, bike riding, hiking. Once you’ve done something you might want to repeat the steps above to see what else wants to be released.

Be Kind to Yourself

See the note above on being angry at yourself. Forgiveness work makes me feel raw and vulnerable so I will watch a favorite movie, take a bath or long shower, snuggle in bed with a book, lie still on the bed and listen with my eyes closed to a favorite piece of music or an audio book (Judi Dench reading Winnie the Pooh or Rosamund Pike reading Pride and Prejudice are big favorites). I bake – hello cookie dough! I’m sure you have your own favorite ways to treat yourself, and if you don’t, just doing this step is probably needed anyway.

Being Grateful

Gratitude can instantly change your life. It’s my number one recommendation for anything that brings on a funk. Clean air, clean water, indoor plumbing, access to food choices, free speech – we are all swimming in blessings.  Get all up in that. You can think about this while you’re doing something physical above to increase the effectiveness of both (can you tell I’m impatient – I’m always looking for ways to combine things so the healing/empowerment is faster).  This is such an important power – to be able to pivot from a shitty day to an elixir of feeling grateful. Make this a habit.

Repeat and Be Aware

Even if you don’t feel or sense your guides they are helping you. Even if you can’t see a way past these feelings because they’ve been with you forever.  This process works but you have to do your part – it’s not going to be done in 5 minutes so don’t set yourself up for failure but quitting too soon.

Note how you are feeling after doing a few of these things.  Are you less angry or fearful?  Does the issue (person or what happened) pop in your head less? Are you just a bit happier or more energetic and engaged in your day?

Little bit by little bit the ease and release comes.  Noticing the small changes (however small) will speed things up.

When I first started meditating it would take me an hour to feel a couple minutes of peace of mind. If I can go from that to where I am now with my meditations, you can find relief by committing to forgiving and doing the work.  The help is already at hand, just keep asking for it.

If it helps see me standing with you, doing the work. We are all here together getting better.


All sorts of miracles have been happening for me, and they feel so right and so normal that I didn’t notice what a huge shift it was until last week when I made some financial declarations that could have felt like failure but felt serenely rich and right.

I’m no Law of Attraction expert or any type of money guru. But I am an expert at transmuting bullshit into power, and calling on a whole range of Divine Beings to help me when I need it, and trusting/knowing/leaning back into the support They give me. That wasn’t always the case, and overcoming that is what lead to the miracles.

Let me explain (hopefully concisely, I fear I could ramble on about this for a good long while) what’s been transmuted over the last year or so for me: lots and lots of self doubt, self hatred, fear of not being able to complete my mission, fear of ever being able to share my light (and hiding from my Guides and you in the meantime).

I finally couldn’t stand it and drew a line in the sand – enough! And demanded help (over and over and over, in varying tones of hope and despair) to find within me some self love. I listened to my inner voices and changed the scripts (with help) and thought of what I wanted to FEEL when my dreams came true.

I listened to a lot of people (including Abraham and Sonia and Colette and Jeannette).

I realized what I really wanted was to feel serene.  Serenely wealthy, which for me is knowing I always have all the resources I need to do everything I want (including time, money, creativity, power, health, energy and focus).

Feeling my way into having it be normal to be fully resourced and supported (even when this isn’t reflected in my life at the moment).

Here’s where the Queen part from the photo comes in. I didn’t know what it would feel like for my normal reality to be ‘fully resourced’ – so I binge watched The Queen on Netflix.  If anyone expects that it’s normal to have a life of abundance it’s her.

So what happened?  I tried on this vibe and found that I could more easily lean back into the support of my Guides (which I have in the past routinely ignored, being stubborn about having to do it myself and messing things up). I easily found and moved into the most perfect place to live. I started writing again, and feel excited about it. I’m creating a podcast (hopefully sharing it with the world on the new moon). I’m feeling good about my power and my channeling, sharing new messages and Beings I’m working with.

I feel richly blessed and blessedly rich.

I am Being the Queen Me, blissfully, creatively, serenely, radiantly.

These are my miracles.

I can help you do the same if that’s of interest.  I’ll do a series of posts and we’ll dive into it next week.

For now, think about what drains you, and try on different visions of how you really want to feel.

I’ll call in the Guides and share some meditations  as we work on this.  Archangel Gabriel gave me a message about this once, ending it with ‘serene, serene, we glide as one’. Here’s to a week of gliding as one with our Soul and Guides.




I’ve been wanting to record a meditation for a few days on how to be a beacon of light no matter what’s going on around you. There can be such chaos now – politics, weather, people appearing to lose their minds, bad coffee – whatever it is. I have found (and I have been told many times in messages) that one of the most powerful things we can do is simply anchor our light on the planet and shine it out with righteous power and joy – and that’s what this meditation does.

How to shine your light in the midst of chaos

So I’ve spent much of the last five years yelling at myself for not having created a business that allows me to leave my job – telling myself to get a move on and stop hiding (which only made me hide more).

Over the last week I’ve realized something different (and it’s been based on listening to Abraham Hicks and getting nudged from my guides): the times when I have felt stuck are the times when I need to call in my guides – grab the support I have at hand. The feeling is the nudge to reach out NOT an indication of failure.

When I go into the despair drudges and wallow about in self hatred for a day or two years or whatever it ends up being, I am just pushing away the help that I need to get out of my funk.

We all have agreements to work with our Soul and our guides to help.

We have agreements with people in our lives.

My guides have been telling me that part of my mission as a channel is to transmit messages from the Goddesses, Archangels and Star Beings to people who are waiting to hear them – part of my agreement is to be that transmitter (and since I’ve been hiding, there’s a big need to start transmitting now ) – especially with the energies swirling around the planet.

Many of us are ready to share our talents and gifts in new ways. Here’s what I’ve recently realized as part of that too –

A lot of the reason I’ve hidden so much is that I didn’t feel like I was capable of fulfilling my part of the bargain. That I was flawed in some basic way and might as well give up and try again next time.

We all have a bunch of gifts and talents but the ones I call our wild genius: those are the ones that take us over, where we forget time as we experience them. For me the difference between something you’re good at and your wild genius is that, at some point in exploring that talent or gift, you will surrender to it and let it take over a bit, lead the way. It’s this aspect of surrendering to it, to the light of your Soul, your inspiration  – whatever you want to call it.

I first felt this surrender when I was a little girl playing the piano. I loved to get to the point where I had memorized a piece so that I didn’t have to think about it, I could experience it and explore and feel it when I played.

Sometimes when I would do that I would find myself looking down at my hands from above my body (this was 45+ years ago, we didn’t have the concept of leaving your body) – when that would happen I knew I was really PLAYING the music.

Same with painting – I have no training (and little skill) as a painter but after my divorce I was driven to paint these color meditations (without a better word for it) and the only way I could do it was to completely surrender to the process and the painting would come through.

What’s like that for you? Are you good at realizing when you’re stuck and just need to ask for help?

If you want some help with any of that I have two suggestions:

  • I developed a mini-course How to Talk to Your Guides with fun, easy steps, tested tips and scripts to follow that you can do in a day or a weekend to get the answers you’re seeking.
  • I’m offering 30 and 60 minute single sessions again and for a reduced price – my guides are telling me to do a lot of readings now to anchor in new frequencies for I’ll be doing them for a while. Here’s the page with more details and to sign up (you pick your time and pay on the same page).

For those in or near the Twin Cities (Minnesota) I’m going to be doing live channelings around town, please reach out to me by email or social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest) if you’re interested in learning more.

Here’s to our wild genius romping through our dreams and scampering around in our days!


After The Storm, The Most Beautiful Rainbow


This is how I pray for storms and floods and fires to lessen, the energy to be released with Grace.  I sing at the end of this one, which I’ve never recorded. I will sit and sing for an hour or more when I’m doing this, it’s only a minute here.  Add your voice to the prayer if you wish.

Irma Prayer

First the bliss: I have a new Shiba Inu puppy. Her name is Tenshi (which means angel in Japanese) and she’s snuggly and independent and so much fun.  She is surveying the birds outside feeding as well as the traffic.

The pain: there is so much suffering around the planet right now with flooding and fires and ‘us against them’ politics.  When I begin to feel despair about the state of the planet and what I can do, I pray and call in my guides.

I do this a lot and decided to record it tonight to share. Perhaps it will help you feel peace, and know your power and light as well.

You will hear some noises in the background. That’s Tenshi eating a snack and scampering around. She and the meditation/prayer bring me right back to the bliss, which is where we have our greatest power in my experience. May you be blessed with bliss this day as well.

Meditation/prayer with my guides for the planet and all upon her: 9.5 minutes. Listen with headphones or turn up the volume, it might be a bit soft.

Prayer to anchor light amidst the storms


Movement can be an important part of being ready to receive guidance. Here are a couple of ways I use movement to support my work with my guides.

Getting ready

Sometimes it helps to grease the wheels a bit and do some movement before meditating to make it easier for your body to adjust to higher frequencies or to open up your chakras.

You could:
:: Do some easy stretches or yoga for a few minutes
:: Dance to some music that puts you in a contemplative mood or opens up your heart – I’ve shared a video below of a current favorite.

I love polyrhythmic music (one of my kids once asked me if I had any music where people were singing in English). I find some dancing before meditating can help me ground, release tension, and get ready for some spiritual adventures all at the same time.

During meditation

Movement during your meditations or interactions with your guides can really support the experience – it helps you move beyond the monkey mind chatter and get inspiration from your guides.

I frequently find that I can get great guidance when walking, or running (if that’s your thing, not mine). I use this in particular if there’s something I’m tense about so I use the nervous tension to propel the movement and then just wait for inspiration. Quietly, like my mind is on the shore of a calm lake and I’m listening to the waves.

When I do this I set an intention to get clear and easily-understood guidance, tell the guides I’m tense, and then carry a notebook with me.

Swimming in the ocean, riding a bike, canoeing or kayaking, working in the garden – these are others ways to incorporate movement into meditation.

As part of the message

This can be fun. It might be that you are guided to move during interactions with your guides, even if you’ve been sitting quietly and trying to get answers. Pay attention to your body – it might want to move or dance. You might have a direct sensing as well from particular guides for particular movements.

I’ve had a number of initiations with my Goddess Council where we were all doing belly dance movements – I find that bellydancing really helps me open up my 2nd chakra and get creative inspiration. I’m no bellydance expert but if you’ve had a past life as a priestess these types of moves can come quite naturally, since many of the dances came from sacred priestess offerings to the Goddess and were then absorbed into entertainment.

Even if you don’t have a Goddess Council (yet…) you can invoke the Goddess as muse and inspiration when asking for next steps on a creative project or particular problem.

After meditation

Your body is the last energetic system to assimilate the energies of your meditation. Even when you are starting to ask for guidance and ways to work with your guides, you are accessing higher frequencies (and if you listen to the meditations I share here you are definitely marinating in some juicy high frequencies).

See if you feel like moving after a meditation – walking, gardening, working out (weights are good for this) – get in touch with what your body wants and you might find inspiration pops in when you’re doing this.

Next Steps

:: What movement works for you?
:: How might you incorporate movement into getting messages?
:: What has your body been prompting you to do with regards to relaxing into a mind/body state that allows you to receive with ease and joyful grace?

What I’m listening to right now

Here’s a current favorite: I dance to this to settle my energy before meditating.

The people in the group are Tuaregs from the Sahara desert in northern Mali and Niger; this song is about their love of the desert (Tinariwen, the name of the group, is the plural of Tenere – which means desert in their language).

When I was in Peace Corps there would be times when the Tuaregs came down from the desert with their cattle and dates for the market. Many of them have startling blue eyes – I learned a few words of their language and I’d say hello when they were close just to see their eyes – they were surprised to hear me.

Their music opens up my heart and I can feel the breeze and heat and freedom of the desert in the sound. What music and movement open you up? Come share in the Facebook group



Wow, this is a fun one. Isis leads a ceremony blessing you with so much light and love! Get all up in this one, nothing more to say.

The best way to experience this is to do the clearing that Archangel Michael shared (2 posts before this one), listen to the brief message from Isis about the energies of the coming year (1 post before this one) and then do this.

You are requested to wear a garment that makes you feel wonderful (it can be as simple as a soft scarf or comfy socks), and have a glass of water/juice with you as well as a candle or some incense.

It’s 14 minutes of being blessed – I hope you love it.

Solstice Anointing Ceremony


I love this time of year, lighting a fire and watching the birds outside. Deep peace is always waiting for me when I take a few minutes to appreciate the beauty all around me.

Isis came through with a brief (4.5 minute) message that is energetic and enthusiastic for the Solstice and the new year. Enjoy, and may your heart be filled with opulent bliss and grace this week through the end of the year.

Isis Solstice ’16 Message


I have been feeling such peace lately, so many blessings even with all that is going on in the world.

I know this has been such a rough year for many of us (in fact it’s been one for me where I doubted everything about me).

Archangel Michael came forward tonight with a brief ceremony/journey to let go of everything holding us back and welcoming the light of the new year.

He said there is amazing light coming onto the planet now (vast is his word, it felt amazing to me when I channeled it).

I have felt this too – the power of the light as well as increased help and guidance available to all of us.

As part of the full moon and the winter solstice I invite you to listen to this 11 minute journey and blessing. May your heart be lightened by it.

AA Michael 1212 Message

Dreaming chihuahua breathing fresh air against Scandinavian landscape

So I was doing a meditation to anchor light and love around the planet last night, as I frequently do, and thought it would be good to share it since I have folks ask me about my earth work quite a bit.

Prayer for the Planet 1101

It’s about 10 minutes long. If you like it and you would like to add your light it’s easy to do.  You can use the superpower of your intention and simply state: I set the intention that I am safe and secure as I send my light as part of this prayer for peace. I call forth all of my guides of highest light and ask that their light support peace on the planet now as well.  I ask that I be blessed with joy, peace, grace and ease as well. So be it and so it is.

You can ground so that it’s easier for more light to flow through you – just imagine either magnets on the bottom of your feet holding you to the planet, or imagine tree roots growing out of your feet into the ground, or simply set the intention that you are grounded.  Our intention is magic.

Here’s to peace on earth now. So be it.

Buddhas processed

A 7 minute message inviting you to be enraptured with the exuberant joy of being embodied.

Allow Yourself to be Enraptured

A fitting way to use the energies of the new moon.

While I frequently feel bliss, these interesting times we are living in sometimes get me down. I stepped up to the mic tonight with that in mind and this came through.

Try out their suggestion, let me know what happens.

This song has been going through my head daily for about 2 weeks, I think it’s related to the exuberant ease they mention, and I love the idea of the stars singing to us.  If nothing else: Louis and Ella.



It’s been on my mind. I have been triggered a lot lately by what’s going on in the world – getting calm and centered then back on the roller coaster.

I finally realized it felt like waves of contractions.  I could feel the power building up inside me, ready to be birthed. I think that’s happening to a lot of women, these events and comments and political climate are bringing up some righteous readiness to stop anything that holds us down.

It came through in these two meditations – standing in our power, booming out our light.

The first invites you to stand and state your affirmation of the Light (this is based on my affirmation).

Invocation Meditation

For the second the energy of the Divine Feminine comes forth, touching your heart and asking you to shine.

Isis Message 101616

Each is 5 minutes long.

Here is the main part of the invocation for easy reference:

I am an emanation of the Divine Light.

I open now to receive and give forth that which by my divine destiny

is given from the source of Loving Creation.

I am an emissary of Light.

I open now to be all that I am and to allow the manifestation of these Divine gifts

to fully flow through me for the wellness of the world, the wellness of my own body,

and the loving presence of the Divine Light at work in my life.

This is my affirmation of the Light

and the invocation of my intention

manifest on all levels, planes, and dimensions of my consciousness.

So be it and so it is.

Beam it out baby.

I will be sharing more messages now, many focused on anchoring the energy of our Soul and our direct connection to Source into our bodies and lives, as well as messages related to using our power and connections to co-create the new earth.  Here is a timely and intriguing message from the energy of the Aquarian realm – the full moon is September 16th for reference.

The coming full moon begins an energetic initiation process for many into a higher realm experience of interactions with their conscious connection to Source. This will in turn lead over time to a greater embodiment of their soul lineage characteristics and skills.  Opening up to new capabilities and traits that carry a higher frequency of light and a more direct connection to Source.

Many will begin remembering other times and places. Many will awaken from sleep with dreams and solid experiences that relate to cultures that have no correspondence on earth.

All is well and as planned. These new skills and remembrances serve to anchor these higher frequencies into the earth plane through the embodied Soul.

So as you walk the earth, as you go about your day, as you interact with loved ones, as you complete your work assignments, you are doing double duty in a way for you are seeding the planet – the earth, the soil, the winds – with these songs, these remnant and vital energies – of other energetic states of being.

You are planting seeds in the blueprint of the new earth. You are cultivating real energy states for humans to step into, even if these new energy states are unclear to you as well.  All pieces to the puzzle, all who are embodied now carry octaves of frequency and choruses of light in these seedings.

What does this mean to your everyday life?

You might find yourself drawn to places and histories and details that have not caught your attention previously. See this as a fun treasure hunt, there is no need to be serious about it or concerned as to how it will play out in your life.

No major changes or steps or commitments need follow these initial remembrances. Simply listen and watch for things of interest and allow yourself to follow the details to gain more exposure to the newly seeded light.

Times are coming when these seeds, however small, will bloom.  New ways of communicating, new approaches to information management and exchange happen almost daily now. It should be no surprise that additional rapid changes will begin to occur. 

Not only new means of communicating, but new connections as part of this communication will come.

It is a doorway. A portal of light, yes – but also simply a doorway to step through – to begin incorporating additional new things into your life as you have been doing quite frequently for these past few years.

No major actions are needed now. Simply open your mind and observe where it takes you.

In all of this you are safe and protected and deeply loved and honored for your willing steps into unknown adventures.

You may call upon me and the Archangels for support and further guidance in these times. You are deeply loved. So be it. 

For me this has been playing out in a number of ways. I am working with some new guides to develop a few new, small courses that can be done in a few days (think a mini soul spa). I am looking at moving back to the Chicago area, perhaps still this year. I have deepened my work with Pan and will be offering ways to participate in that soon – some of that continues unfolding.

What comes to mind when you read this? What draws your attention? It’s almost like we need an Aquarian Realm app to note what comes up and track the development of these ideas and energies. I’d love to hear what comes up for you as we move through the full moon and the eclipses of September.

I know that these can seem to be chaotic and disturbing times for many of us – here is a blessing from Archangel Michael for you to be surrounded and blessed with peace for your heart – as he shares, you are so deeply loved.

AA Michael Blessing 090516


Prairie Storm Clouds ominous weather Saskatchewan Canada

I have been so filled with pain and fear and anger over the last few days, and I just can’t stay there.


So I did a brief 5 minute meditation to get to a place of peace and love – perhaps it will help you feel the same.


Peaceful Meditation 070716

I’ve recorded a new message for the solstice with details on the work that I’ve been doing for the planet as well.

I’m working with more guides now – some I’ve known for a while and some new ones – they are all masters of light geometries and love as a frequency framework for physical manifestations.  In the message I refer to light coming onto the planet now – I’m seeing this as nets of love, triangulated networks of light. They get absorbed into the soil like snowflakes falling and melting into the ground.

They enter the waters of the rivers and oceans as well and they are filled with a frequency, a tone, which helps stabilize and sustain the planet. Calming and nourishing.

You can tap into this by putting your bare feet on the ground, breathing deeply, and being grateful for life. Sending thanks into the planet.  There will be a reverberation of this energy and frequency that moves up through your feet into your heart.  It will rest there as a seed, as a mini-generator of gratitude to fuel the expression of your gifts. It will help you bloom.



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