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Buy Me a Cuppa


I have been asked for a way for people to donate money in appreciation of my sharing and shining.


So I decided to have some fun with it. 


I love to relax with coffee, or a yummy tea.  My favorite sweatshirt says ‘Coffee, Books & Rain’.


I love croissants – my favorite almond croissant comes from a bakery in Santa Fe. 


I love a London Fog – Earl Grey Tea + steamed milk + vanilla. 


I love to go to a bookstore.


My favorite bookstore is a children’s bookstore in Minneapolis,

where there are pets roaming around and small chairs and reading nooks and it’s magical.


So the button gives 2 options for buying me a cuppa. 


No pressure, I share because it feels good,

but if it makes you happy to buy me a warm drink I am grateful to receive it with joy. 

Buy me a cuppa