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Isis Temple at Philae

An unexpected meditation and blessing from my Goddess Council – it was the start to a magical day.

Goddess Council Fortuna Blessing

You will note that I call her Fortunata instead of Fortuna. I do this all the time with her.

In fact I frequently mix up names or transpose them – I consider it part of my charm. In this instance it’s simply bothersome but it’s only in the first couple minutes.

I’m going to offer a class in the next few weeks to meet and work with the goddesses – their enthusiasm in this session bodes well for a great class.


how to survive your family holiday

I don’t know about you but my biggest issues come up with my family. I thought I’d share some tips I use during the holidays and scripts you can use both during and afterwards to help make things easier.

First thing first: gratitude helps a whole bunch. There is so much in my life to be grateful for no matter what is going on externally:

Especially in these times of such global unrest, I’m grateful for clean air, clean water, safe neighborhood, secure home, access to multiple media sources, the right to express my opinions, freedom from violence and fear, access to organic food and myriad food choices, clothing I love, books and movies to entertain me, music that feeds my soul, online and in person friends, online groups to support me, the beauty of this wondrous planet, and access to my inner world and spiritual guides.

How about you? It really helps to spend a few minutes in gratitude every day, throughout the day, to put family energies in perspective.

This practice is especially helpful if you are alone or missing loved ones who aren’t with you. Hold them in your heart and they can be with you when you think of why you love them so much.

Emergency triage actions: When they are really working your nerves and you need a break before you blow up or cry or dive into the despair of self hatred – here are a few tips.

  • Have an emergency song that you can listen to that always calms or inspires you. Free by Stevie Wonder is one of mine.
  • Have an emergency mantra – mine is everything’s going to be alright, hearing Bob Marley sing it.
  • Take a deep breathing break – slip in the bathroom, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths so your belly fills up, let it out with a sigh. Stretch a bit while you’re doing this if you’re tense.
  • Detach – you are not your family’s thoughts, feelings, politics or money issues. You are a magnificent divine being in a little body for a short period of time. This too shall pass.

Scripts to read at the beginning or end of the day.  I ask for help all the time from my soul and my spirit guides in the form of little scripts or statements – sometimes they are like prayers, sometimes I am declaring a state for my reality that’s in contrast to what I’m experiencing in front of me.

For instance: when your family is watching news programs or discussing politics diametrically opposed to your beliefs:

I am that I am (this calls in the power of your soul). I ask that I am shielded from the energy of these exchanges. I set the intention that I am filled with ease and joy, content with my beliefs. I release and allow my family members to choose their beliefs without impacts to my peace of mind.  The world is filled with choices and options, I ask for the grace to let them be as they are, and ask for comfort and support in loving and accepting myself just as I am right now as well.  May Grace bless this space for us all.  

When you’re starting to feel bad about yourself (this is a huge one for me – after a few hours with my family I always think I’m mentally ill, no matter what’s going on).

I am that I am. I call upon all of my spirit guides, angels, soul and divine assistance to help me remember that I am blessed, filled with light, capable of great love, and have myriad gifts to share. Please help me let go of these feelings that I am deeply flawed, move away from self hatred, and close the door on these inner voices, these critics that will not give me peace. I ask to be surrounded in light and love and self acceptance right now, and that it remain unceasingly and continuously in place throughout the remainder of my time with my family. Help me please, I am most grateful for the assistance and comfort. 

I leave you with a brief blessing from the Archangels, may it fill your heart with ease.

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Foggy mountains cropped


All the work that I do with my guides and in meditations is always driving to one thing for me: accessing and anchoring more of the light of my soul while I’m here in this little body.

I use my guides to help me clear old energies and limiting beliefs and to give me answers (I think of them as my spiritual mastermind group) but the real light in my bones comes from my own soul.

The more soul I can download, the more easily I’ll be able to create my own little corner of heaven on earth I figure.

In that vein, I’m sharing a brief (4 minute) audio of a channeled note about an easy way to request more of the light of your soul to come in while you’re sleeping. Click on the link below:

How to ask for a Soul Download while you sleep

Play with this the same way that you do when you’re working with your guides: ask for what you want and then note what pops up in your day.  Do you feel differently? Do new opportunities appear?  Are you calmer, more joyous, peaceful, energetic, feel like your dreams could come true?

If you don’t feel a big shift keep asking for this, keep grounding and clearing (see some free brief mp3s for that on the Freebies page).  Wash, rinse and repeat.

It might be that an old pattern or outdated way of thinking comes to your attention – this is actually a good thing.  I call it peeling the onion.

More light comes in, you feel great, then an old pattern that’s out of resonance with the new light makes its presence known, you resolve that, then you ask for more light…

Each iteration makes it easier to hold more light, stay in bliss and peace, and shine with all the glory that you truly are.

Thoughts? Experiences? Questions? Email me, I respond to everything you send me.

Thanks, Jules



Would you like to start working with your spiritual guides today?  Tap into your inner wisdom, your expanded self, strengthen that quiet voice inside you that is always right (but that’s so easy to ignore)?

There are two simple things to do first that help you get good guidance:

1. Set your intention

2. Set a safe space

We are all powerful a lot more powerful than we think we are – and setting intentions when you work with your guides calls in your power and focuses the experience to meet your needs and desires.  This doesn’t mean that you’re bossing your guides around, it means that you are meeting them halfway, that you’re coming to the table committed to interacting with them and following the guidance they give you.

It’s really important when you start working with your guides that you have set a safe space.  This is because you want to be working for guides that are of a high frequency.  Just because Jimmy JoeBob’s sister’s hairdresser recently passed over doesn’t mean she is a good guide for you.  

You want to access guidance that helps you make your dreams come true.  I’ve shared below two brief scripts that you can read to get you started. Revise them as you wish.

Set Your Intention

I set the intention that I am able to meet and work with my guides of highest light and love.  I intend to communicate and work with my guides and ask their assistance in receiving and understanding what they are sharing with me.  I ask that the guidance received be clear, easily understood, in support of my mission and purpose in this life, and for the good of all. So be it and so it is.

Set a Safe Space

I set the intention that I be surrounded by my guides of highest love and light.  I ask that I be protected and supported in all ways and at all times during my work with my guides. So be it and so it is.

There is a more detailed script for setting a safe space here.

Then relax, see if you hear, sense, or feel anything.  Ask for any help you’d like. Keep a journal by your bed so you can note any guidance you receive in dreams.

Pay attention to what pops up as you move through your day too – one of the most frequent ways guides work with us is through other people – so you might overhear a conversation, or see a billboard or hear a song on the radio that gives you the answer you’re looking for.  I think of it as a treasure hunt.

Be grateful for any guidance you receive, even if it’s nothing specific but just a sense of comfort and peace – and more will come.  The guides want to know that you’re paying attention and what types of communication work best for you – so sharing your gratitude at the end of the day is a wonderful and easy way to strengthen the relationship with them.

My guides are my family and their support is so helpful – it’s my hope that taking these first actions will help you start to have the same comfort with your guides.

There are other resources to help you start working with your guides on the Freebies page.

If you’d love to dive into working with your guides check out the online course Meet Your Guides.

Next up – how to get grounded and why this is so important.


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