Online Class: Meet Your Guides

Someone has your back.

You get the answers you want, whenever you need them.

You can trust your gut.

You know that you and your work matter.


It’s not a pipe dream. You can have that and more right now.


Welcome to “Meet Your Guides” online course to connect you with your spirit guides – for life.


Imagine feeling deep inside that you can handle whatever comes up.  You stop second guessing yourself. You know your next steps.


This class is filled with easy journeys, simple scripts and proven practices so you can get started today getting the clarity you’ve always wanted and the comfort of knowing you’re not alone.


By the end of the course you’ll have…

: Easy, brief journeys so you can feel your guides right with you, surrounded by their love and gentle presence – it’s a visceral joy.


:: Demonstrated results so you can trust your ability to get support when you need it – even during the day when you’re out and about.


:: Concrete next steps to reach your goals so you can turn your dreams into gold.


:: Simple scripts to read so you feel safe and protected during your work moving forward.


:: Confidence that you’ve mastered a skill you didn’t think you could so you can create a spiritual mastermind group to help you reach your goals.


:: Know details of your gifts and strengths shared by your guides in each of the journey so you have a whole new perspective on who you are and what you can do.


:: Peace of mind that you’re never alone, your prayers are heard and answered, and your dreams can come true.


And you’ll have serious fun doing it. None of this is stuffy or solemn.


Start as Self Paced


WOW! Full of goosebumps. Your stuff is what I have always been looking for! I finally feel more sure and have a deeper trust that it will be possible, and that I will get to know my family (of guides) better. Thank you for this great gift. – Melisoula Mills 


What I loved most was the guidance and gentle direction. All of this seemed so distant and far reaching for me. The class helped me see that I can do this. I signed up for the class because for years I have been trying to figure out how to connect with my guides…I felt lost as to how to begin. The greatest benefit I received was “a knowing”. Staying in my heart and knowing that they are all around me even if I don’t feel that. I trust that deeply. A deep knowing. An incredible gift. – Annie


I am getting a strong sense of the interactions as I get a wave of warmth and I cry tears of joy almost through the entire journey. This has been a great experience…I’m so grateful to you for sharing your gift in this manner! – Lisa


Learning that my guides are always there to love and be of service to me has made a huge difference in how I view the world…the love and energy transmitted from my guides through Jules’ meditations was like reuniting with long lost family – the family that appreciates you for who you are, no matter what. – Julie


The number one thing clients tell me is that they wish they could work directly with their guides.  I still remember the first time I met one of my guides – it was one of the most powerful, magical experiences of my whole life.   I built this course with:


Proven practices you can use

Simple meditations to access guides you can depend upon

Steps to get you the help you’re looking for


My guides are truly like family: I’ve been actively working with them for 30 years, know they are always with me, and trust them implicitly. I’m sharing what I’ve learned to help you build the same type of connection.


I think everyone should be able to work with their guides. I created this down-to-earth course so you can do just that and have fun doing it.


It has to be useful in your everyday life: direction is only useful if it helps you solve your problems, reach your goals and turn your dreams into gold. 


Cool Dreams to Gold Stamps


Love, money, health, work – learn how to work with your guides to help you with your big concerns – and with your big dreams too – travel, creativity, freedom. Tried and tested tools to support you form the framework for the class.  


Course Outline


Journey 1 – Celebration with Your Guides

Journey 2 – Meet Your Main Guide

Journey 3 – Meet Your Helper Guides

Journey 4 – Meet Your Healer Guides

Bonus 1 – Meet Your Ancestors

Bonus 2 – Find Your Gifts and Wild Genius

Bonus 3 – Turn Your Dreams into Gold


Each class includes a guided journey, video of notes from me, a chapter in the course e-book, easy activities, scripts that you can use to work with your guides, and journal notes.


Imagine you’ve just finished your Meet Your Guides class. You feel cozy from all the love you’ve been wrapped up in. Captivated with your clearly-outlined next steps.


Luxuriating in the comfort of knowing you have guidance at hand. Politely ignoring the whimpering of old internal critics telling you this won’t work as you stride confidently into your day, beaming.


iStock_000021122136Medium imagination


I may not have the words to describe what Julie does but I can certainly articulate the power of the outcome…total life shift.  In life there are some people that have a gift that can’t be explained.  Julie is one of those people.  She’s gifted beyond words and a must do experience for everyone.    Kendrick Shope


You have this amazing fearless clarity…and your trust in what you are experiencing is communicated to me as a client.  It’s so obviously real and visceral with you.  It enables me to go beyond my own doubts and open to the greater energies.  And you’re very down to earth…you are able to deal in big concepts and energies in a way that puts people at ease.  D.K.


Truly life altering. I still can’t absorb all that happened because it was so wonderfully moving and affirming. The healing also helped me to step boldly into my mission. It really did rock my world!    Tangela Eckhoff



What if I don’t like to meditate?

These aren’t quiet, long seated meditations, if you’ve ever had anyone read you a story and you closed your eyes and felt like you were in the story you’ll be fine.  The journeys are brief, in general 15 minutes or so.

How will I know I’m safe? I have a friend who had bad experiences trying to do this.

You learn a simple practice in the first class on how to set a safe space (there’s even a script you can just read).  Also, I set up the course with my guides so you are safe during the journeys and during your practices.

Will I get private time with you and your guides?

No, if you’re looking for that please look at the VIP Sessions page.  The price of this entire class is less than the cost of a single session with me and you get practices you can do for the rest of your life.  You can join my Facebook group where we talk about how to work with your guides and I share meditations and other notes.

I don’t see how this can work in a pre-recorded class.  Can I try it out before buying?

You can check out the channeled journeys and grounding meditations on the Freebies page to get an idea of the power of my pre-recorded meditations and simple practices.

Will I be able to get rid of old issues?

You will learn to work with your guides to let go of what’s holding you back.  If you have had traumatic experiences, such as abuse, the guides can help you with this but you can’t expect this class to take care of all those types of big issues.  Please seek professional  support for long-term medical or emotional issues.

Will I be able to get private email support or ask you questions?

There is no private email support for this class.  You can join the Facebook Group It’s Time to Shine to join a group of spiritual pioneers where I share meditations and we all support our explorations of our paths.

What’s the Refund Policy?

If you don’t feel like the class is right for you and let me know within the first 7 days, full refund.  No questions asked. I want people to love the course or be free to go find something else that makes them happy.   No refunds after 7 days.


This is a self-paced class that you can start as soon as you pay.  

Sign up today, you’ll be working with your guides tonight.



Price: $247


I’m so excited to share this course with you – can’t wait to see you there! 


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