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I’ve been hiding again, for months. It’s a long pattern that I use whenever I’m feeling bad about myself. I started to come back out of the mud this last week and checked in with some friends on a similar spiritual path – it seems that everyone has been doing it. Maybe it was a general ‘hunker down it’s winter’ kind of thing but for me it was something else.

At least I’ve been meditating/working with my guides. Sometimes. When I’m not feeling worthless. In this work I’ve been spending time with Pan and the Devas and Elementals sending light into the planet and into the land and water. Recently I’ve been guided to send this energy into the trees (and then into the soil and water). With my background in forestry and my love of trees this has been really fun.

I got a message from Pan last night while doing this work – here is part of it:

There are going to be rolling waves of light coming on to the planet soon – from the Galactic Center as well as other sources. These waves will cause things to roll and shift – from a societal level as well as on the ground. We must stabilize the energy fields as we can. The energy we carry forth now will be anchored into the core of the planet to help her hold steady. Let’s begin. 

We did a meditation that brought forth crystalline energies, divine blueprints, and energy from the Aquarian realm. I ended up seeing myself as a crystal transmitter (like a radio transmitter) and feeling connected to everything, including all the plants in my garden.  Pretty trippy Friday night – I loved it.

So I’ve decided to share that process with you on a live call – we will spend some time getting grounded, filled up with light, and then sending it around the planet and into the trees.

Although I’ve been working with Pan for decades, I haven’t shared much of this work before (treating it as ‘my work’ and not something anyone would be particularly interested in).

I know that part of that is me still wanting to hide. Which is silly and so last year. 🙂 So I’m going to be sharing more of this work and inviting you to take part if you’d like.

The upcoming call is Wednesday May 4th, 2016 at 7 pm CST. It should be an hour at most.  Here are the call in details:

Dial: (605) 562-3140 Access Code: 289606#

Shoot me an email or find me on FB if you need international numbers.

I’m sure we’ll be joined by the Archangels, the Goddesses and all of my Guides – and we’ll call in yours as well, we might as well get as much support and help as we can. 

Please join if you’re interested, and share with friends if they’d like it.


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