Group Work: Visceral Joy

So much joyful and easy change targeted right where you want it.


Upcoming Courses in 2019 –


Your Inner Imaginarium –  This is where I work with my spirit guides – we’ll create one for you too.


Pragmatic Magic –  Rituals, mantras, mindset and meditations to flow with your divine creativity, abundance, clarity, joy and power with ease and peace.


Earth Work – an increasingly powerful part of my work is partnering with Nature Spirits and Star Beings to anchor light on the planet and co-create new ways of being with Nature. As a forester and a spirit channel this is something quite dear to my heart, and the focus of the work I’ve done with my Guides for years. I’m ready to share it. Sound interesting?


More details coming soon.  


Get ahold of me here If you’d like to discuss ideas for special group classes or retreats.

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