Free course: How to talk to your spirit guides

Group Work: Visceral Joy

My favorite work, by far. You can make so much joyful and easy change targeted right where you want it. You hang out with your guides, mine and everyone else's so the fireworks are real.

Dreams so Big You Gasp

Find your Wild Genius, meet your guides, get a download of more soul –  let’s just ramp you up and have a bunch of fun doing it.


Get plugged into your own light socket.


So what really happens, what’s the big deal?


You see yourself and your possibilities to make your dreams come true.


You feel – viscerally – it can start to happen right now.


It’s a powerful thing baby!


Let’s meet somewhere beautiful and just get all up in it.


Latest Offering – Welcome the Goddess class – more details here.


Get ahold of me here If you’d like to discuss a group class created specifically to your goals.