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How to ask for a soul download while you sleep

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All the work that I do with my guides and in meditations is always driving to one thing for me: accessing and anchoring more of the light of my soul while I’m here in this little body.

I use my guides to help me clear old energies and limiting beliefs and to give me answers (I think of them as my spiritual mastermind group) but the real light in my bones comes from my own soul.

The more soul I can download, the more easily I’ll be able to create my own little corner of heaven on earth I figure.

In that vein, I’m sharing a brief (4 minute) audio of a channeled note about an easy way to request more of the light of your soul to come in while you’re sleeping. Click on the link below:

How to ask for a Soul Download while you sleep

Play with this the same way that you do when you’re working with your guides: ask for what you want and then note what pops up in your day.  Do you feel differently? Do new opportunities appear?  Are you calmer, more joyous, peaceful, energetic, feel like your dreams could come true?

If you don’t feel a big shift keep asking for this, keep grounding and clearing (see some free brief mp3s for that on the Freebies page).  Wash, rinse and repeat.

It might be that an old pattern or outdated way of thinking comes to your attention – this is actually a good thing.  I call it peeling the onion.

More light comes in, you feel great, then an old pattern that’s out of resonance with the new light makes its presence known, you resolve that, then you ask for more light…

Each iteration makes it easier to hold more light, stay in bliss and peace, and shine with all the glory that you truly are.

Thoughts? Experiences? Questions? Email me, I respond to everything you send me.

Thanks, Jules



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