How to Talk to Your Guides

A mini-course designed so you can begin talking to your guides in a day or over a weekend. Easy steps, scripts to say, and bonus guided meditations. They are ready and waiting for you to begin!

Have you always wanted to talk to your spirit guides but don’t know how to start or what to say?


We all have SO MANY spirit guides around us, just waiting for us to start interacting with them.


In all the years I’ve been working with my guides, and the hundreds of readings I’ve given to others, in every single instance the guides are loving, helpful and so eager to help us!


This streamlined class of tried and tested tips, scripts, brief audio lessons and action items leads you quickly through easy steps so you can start talking to your spirit guides in a few hours.


::  How to get ready, how to trust what you sense, what to say and how to say it to start working with your guides.

::  Tools you can use and quick meditations from the guides themselves make progress easy.

::  Boost your skills and confidence so you come out of the class knowing you can get the comfort and clarity you want.


Start now, by the end of today a whole new world opens up for you.



Quick lessons with mp3’s, scripts to follow, and tested tips based on my 30+ years of working with my Guides and helping others have fun doing the same.


  • Introduction

  • The Basics

  • Tools and Tips

  • Getting Set Up

  • Talking to Your Guides

  • How You Get Guided

  • What to Say

  • Next Steps

  • Final Message

What Others Think of My Courses


WOW! Full of goosebumps. Your stuff is what I have always been looking for! I finally feel more sure and have a deeper trust that it will be possible, and that I will get to know my family (of guides) better. Thank you for this great gift. – Melisoula Mills 


What I loved most was the guidance and gentle direction. All of this seemed so distant and far reaching for me. The class helped me see that I can do this. I signed up for the class because for years I have been trying to figure out how to connect with my guides…I felt lost as to how to begin. The greatest benefit I received was “a knowing”. Staying in my heart and knowing that they are all around me even if I don’t feel that. I trust that deeply. A deep knowing. An incredible gift. – Annie


I am getting a strong sense of the interactions as I get a wave of warmth and I cry tears of joy almost through the entire journey. This has been a great experience…I’m so grateful to you for sharing your gift in this manner! – Lisa


Learning that my guides are always there to love and be of service to me has made a huge difference in how I view the world…the love and energy transmitted from my guides through Jules’ meditations was like reuniting with long lost family – the family that appreciates you for who you are, no matter what. – Julie






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