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Isis Diamond Light Activation – Session 1 of 3

The Cosmic Isis is sharing a 3-part energy activation in support of connecting to your expanded self and gateways to higher dimensions through the chakras. I included this image as it’s similar to what I was seeing during the session.

This is a 13 minute activation, the next sessions will be shared on the 17th to take advantage of the energy of the new moon, and on the 21st to take advantage of the spring equinox openings.  She starts with the intention that we are grounded, and then works through the chakras to anchor a diamond light that will be further accessed and activated in the next two sessions.

Enjoy – I’d love to hear your experiences with this.

Isis Equinox Activation 1

Listening to this multiple times amplifies the connection and activation. Woo hoo!

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