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It's hard to describe a session but they do a great job of sharing how they felt and what they got from it.

VIP Sessions 


I don’t have the words to describe my session with Julie.   I was gifted a session with her after a very rough year.  I crave tangible results in life and business so I was a bit of a skeptic. During my session, Julie was able to communicate things that I’ve known in my soul but never expressed to anyone.   She reaffirmed a business decision I was considering but had shared with no one. 


I left my session with crystal clear guidance about my purpose and what I bring into this world. After our session, something seemed to shift in my body physically because I was more confident, lighter, stronger, and focused.


I may not have the words to describe what Julie does but I can certainly articulate the power of the outcome…total life shift.


In life there are some people that have a gift that can’t be explained.  Julie is one of those people.  She’s gifted beyond words and a must do experience for everyone.    Kendrick Shope




Julie always reminds me what it feels like to be me. I never leave a conversation with her feeling anything less than uplifted, open, and sure of my path. Her heart is huge and it just sucks you right in!  Kaity



Several years ago I had a native medicine man tell me that in the near future, I would feel a love so powerful it would drop me to my knees. This prophecy came true on this day meeting my guides. All in all I feel very safe, blessed and loved by knowing that they are with me.  It was just the coolest experience and I feel like it has been transformational. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share in Julie’s genius. Raisha



You have this amazing fearless clarity…and your trust in what you are experiencing is communicated to me as a client.  It’s so obviously real and visceral with you.  It enables me to go beyond my own doubts and open to the greater energies.  And you’re very down to earth…you are able to deal in big concepts and energies in a way that puts people at ease.  D.B.


Julie’s Healing was truly life altering. I still can’t absorb all that happened because it was so wonderfully moving and affirming. The healing also helped me to step boldly into my mission. It really did rock my world!    Tangela



I have had readings before that were really good.  However, Julie’s reading was exceptionally beneficial.  I felt so much flow of Love and empowerment during the reading.  I feel so much more connected to my I Am Presence than before & received specific practices to do each day which will help me continue to strengthen this connection. This was such a Blessing for me.  Thank you, Julie!!!  Suzanne



That was a very emotional and transforming experience for me. When she started to share their messages with me I felt so touched that I cried throughout most of it. We even laughed at one point, will the angels be distracted by the sound of my blowing the nose every now and then…The best blessing I got is that feeling of support, that standing ground I was missing. The feeling that Love is taking care of things and taking care of me.    Anja



My experience on the reading call was one of deep and profound love and blessing.  I feel a deep connection of peace, calm and ease. I felt truly blessed from the reading, in a palpable way.  Fiona



This note is offered as a follow up to the guided meditation experience provided for me by Julie. She was able to gently evoke various aspects of spiritual energy from within me and surrounding me. In the days that followed I felt a more powerful connection to the living energy inside me. Julie explained that the energies would respond to me and were ready to help when I needed help, which I did, and were ready to provide deeper understanding of how I fit in my world.  I give the experience an unqualified recommendation for anyone considering it.  Dan


Books and Writings


Julie, what a gift you are to the world. I LOVE your writing & the profound teachings that come through it. Suzanne


Love this! You are such a beautiful writer. I always enjoy your words and truly feel them in my heart and soul.  Brenda


So beautiful.  Thank you for your words, your inspiration. You are an answer to my prayers for uplifting, heart-guided and heart-living community.  Auralie


So incredibly beautiful…I actually started crying while reading it.  Kaity


Your words are mesmerizing…..like a movie being captured through a dream I see and feel your words. GRMA Whitedeer


I love your down to earth, authentic, natural, funny, beautiful, spiritual, heart connected, honest, bare your soul, fabulous sharing. I can feel your open-heartedness. I am there with you, a part of you in your journeys. Your writing is this energy of oneness. I know it is for real. Your words, writing, stories are charged with beautiful, healing energy.  Thank-you and Blessings.   p.s. And I LOVE the music you choose.   Jennifer


I am so grateful for you! You are inspiring and beautiful. I love your guts right out.  Kaity

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