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Movement and Messages

Movement can be an important part of being ready to receive guidance. Here are a couple of ways I use movement to support my work with my guides.

Getting ready

Sometimes it helps to grease the wheels a bit and do some movement before meditating to make it easier for your body to adjust to higher frequencies or to open up your chakras.

You could:
:: Do some easy stretches or yoga for a few minutes
:: Dance to some music that puts you in a contemplative mood or opens up your heart – I’ve shared a video below of a current favorite.

I love polyrhythmic music (one of my kids once asked me if I had any music where people were singing in English). I find some dancing before meditating can help me ground, release tension, and get ready for some spiritual adventures all at the same time.

During meditation

Movement during your meditations or interactions with your guides can really support the experience – it helps you move beyond the monkey mind chatter and get inspiration from your guides.

I frequently find that I can get great guidance when walking, or running (if that’s your thing, not mine). I use this in particular if there’s something I’m tense about so I use the nervous tension to propel the movement and then just wait for inspiration. Quietly, like my mind is on the shore of a calm lake and I’m listening to the waves.

When I do this I set an intention to get clear and easily-understood guidance, tell the guides I’m tense, and then carry a notebook with me.

Swimming in the ocean, riding a bike, canoeing or kayaking, working in the garden – these are others ways to incorporate movement into meditation.

As part of the message

This can be fun. It might be that you are guided to move during interactions with your guides, even if you’ve been sitting quietly and trying to get answers. Pay attention to your body – it might want to move or dance. You might have a direct sensing as well from particular guides for particular movements.

I’ve had a number of initiations with my Goddess Council where we were all doing belly dance movements – I find that bellydancing really helps me open up my 2nd chakra and get creative inspiration. I’m no bellydance expert but if you’ve had a past life as a priestess these types of moves can come quite naturally, since many of the dances came from sacred priestess offerings to the Goddess and were then absorbed into entertainment.

Even if you don’t have a Goddess Council (yet…) you can invoke the Goddess as muse and inspiration when asking for next steps on a creative project or particular problem.

After meditation

Your body is the last energetic system to assimilate the energies of your meditation. Even when you are starting to ask for guidance and ways to work with your guides, you are accessing higher frequencies (and if you listen to the meditations I share here you are definitely marinating in some juicy high frequencies).

See if you feel like moving after a meditation – walking, gardening, working out (weights are good for this) – get in touch with what your body wants and you might find inspiration pops in when you’re doing this.

Next Steps

:: What movement works for you?
:: How might you incorporate movement into getting messages?
:: What has your body been prompting you to do with regards to relaxing into a mind/body state that allows you to receive with ease and joyful grace?

What I’m listening to right now

Here’s a current favorite: I dance to this to settle my energy before meditating.

The people in the group are Tuaregs from the Sahara desert in northern Mali and Niger; this song is about their love of the desert (Tinariwen, the name of the group, is the plural of Tenere – which means desert in their language).

When I was in Peace Corps there would be times when the Tuaregs came down from the desert with their cattle and dates for the market. Many of them have startling blue eyes – I learned a few words of their language and I’d say hello when they were close just to see their eyes – they were surprised to hear me.

Their music opens up my heart and I can feel the breeze and heat and freedom of the desert in the sound. What music and movement open you up? Come share in the Facebook group


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