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VIP Program: Rock Your Divine Self

Down-to-earth work that helps you fly to the moon. VIPs get the clarity, confidence, creativity, and cash you crave with rapid results. You'll have steps, blueprints and scripts to opulently flow, to Rock Your Divine Self.


Are you ready?


  • To energize your big dreams.

  • To clearly see next steps and get an energy boost to take them.

  • To know more about your gifts – your wild genius – and how to share them with easy and joy .


I offer this bespoke VIP program to focus on who you truly are, what you want, and how to get there.   We do that with support from your guides and mine in playful, loving ways. These sessions are not for the timid – we make massive progress in a very short time. You will have more support to help you than you ever imagined possible.


It’s an operating system upgrade. The tools to easily embody your divinity with grace.


For one month you get two 45-minute channeled sessions with me and all our guides (with a flexible schedule) and two hour hour calls with me.  You get a 24/7 cocoon of Angelic and Goddess light and love for the entire month. You leave with new tools, new steps, new blueprints for who you are and how you go for what you want.


We create a monthly program based on what you want – so what can you get?


  • Crystal Clarity on your true gifts and next steps

  • Inspired Creativity to finish your work with a flourish

  • Opulent flow to optimize your strengths

  • Confidence to make the impact you’ve always wanted

  • Comfort at hand when you need it most


A new vision of who you are.

The tools to share your greatest gifts. 

Ready to take off and rock it.


What happens in our work together?  


Four things are part of every session:


  1. You feel more love and support than you ever have, I call it a visceral joy.

  2. You are told wonderful things about yourself, your gifts, and your path so you gain a different perspective on you, your life, your problems, and your dreams.

  3. We laugh and have fun – this is not a solemn, stuffy experience.

  4. You get tangible results and concrete next steps.  It’s not just warm fuzzies, it helps you work and make sure your work matters.


Here’s what others say about their experiences


I don’t have the words to describe my session with Julie. I crave tangible results in life and business so I was a bit of a skeptic. During my session, Julie was able to communicate things that I’ve known in my soul but never expressed to anyone. She reaffirmed a business decision I was considering but had shared with no one. I left my session with crystal clear guidance about my purpose and what I bring into this world. After our session, something seemed to shift in my body physically because I was more confident, lighter, stronger, and focused. I may not have the words to describe what Julie does but I can certainly articulate the power of the outcome…total life shiftKendrick Shope


You have this amazing fearless clarity…and your trust in what you are experiencing is communicated to me as a client. It’s so obviously real and visceral with you. It enables me to go beyond my own doubts and open to the greater energies. And you’re very down to earth…you are able to deal in big concepts and energies in a way that puts people at ease. D.B.


Julie’s Healing was truly life altering. I still can’t absorb all that happened because it was so wonderfully moving and affirming. The healing also helped me to step boldly into my mission. It really did rock my world! Tangela Eckhoff


Several years ago I had a native medicine man tell me that in the near future, I would feel a love so powerful it would drop me to my knees. This prophecy came true on this day meeting my guides. All in all I feel very safe, blessed and loved by knowing that they are with me. It was just the coolest experience and I feel like it has been transformational. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share in Julie’s genius. Raisha


That was a very emotional and transforming experience for me. When she started to share their messages with me I felt so touched that I cried throughout most of it. We even laughed at one point, will the angels be distracted by the sound of my blowing the nose every now and then…The best blessing I got is that feeling of support, that standing ground I was missing. The feeling that Love is taking care of things and taking care of me.Anja


angel alone old photo


Rock Your Divine Self – Be Your Superpower


If you’re ready to be vibrantly, opulently You.


The program is designed around your goals with some core results:


  • You get direct guidance from your Soul and Guides (as well as mine) so

  • You access your Soul in your daily life and

  • You anchor the light of your gifts (your Superpower) onto the earth as

  • You receive initiations to embody your Divine Mission and

  • You’re empowered to build upon the momentum as

  • You blaze forth with scripts and rituals you can use in the future.


Being your superpower is the way you can make the biggest impact with ease and joy. Many times it’s what you do naturally that you don’t even see as something special.


You are Divine – that’s a given superpower.  The motherlode. Everything great flows from it. We anchor that remembrance into your cells and forge deep connections to your expanded self – and that’s when the fun starts!


I have unwavering confidence in the righteous power of the river of love that flows through my Guides.

I know without a doubt you will quickly change your life if you’re ready to step up and work with them. 


One thing I’ve noticed over the years: at the root of most of the ways we hold ourselves back is a feeling we aren’t worthy. It’s hard to roar with power if you think you’re not worth anything. I have faced SO MUCH of this and have proven practices to move you out of that mindset and into feeling fabulous. 


One of my superpowers is connecting you to your Soul, filling you up with all your Divine opulence so you’re overflowing with the freedom, creativity and power to exuberantly share your gifts.


We work with all of my Guides – Archangels, Goddesses, Elohim, Star Beings, Devas – they all show up all the time.


The sessions will be channeled material.  

The mp3s will be channeled material.  

The scripts and initiations will be channeled material.


We fill you with love, expand your vision of who you are, and get things done.


You’ll be confident, directed, peaceful, inspired.  Want to get to the bottom of what’s holding you back and blaze into the celebration of your dreams coming true? You get:


  • 2 45-minute sessions with all our guides

  • 2 half hour sessions with you and me discussing questions and progress and dreams and life

  • Recordings of all sessions

  • Weekly accountability emails and support for expanding with ease

  • Celebratory support and cheerleading throughout

  • Concentrated energetic focus of all of our Guides (mine + yours) for the entire month

We cocoon you in an energetic container of love and support, starting the day you sign up, immersed in the Superpower of your Soul, wrapped in opulent ease.


Prepare to be amazed, tearful with joy at how much love gushes toward you.  

There is no doubt you will feel the love of these Guides.  


It’s a visceral joy.

It will change your life in a month. 

It happens all the time.


Space in this program is limited due to the commitment I make to your progress. It would be my honor to partner with you in this tailored-to-you program.



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Here’s to your big dreams coming true.

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