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Solstice Message and New Channeling Partners

I’ve recorded a new message for the solstice with details on the work that I’ve been doing for the planet as well.

I’m working with more guides now – some I’ve known for a while and some new ones – they are all masters of light geometries and love as a frequency framework for physical manifestations.  In the message I refer to light coming onto the planet now – I’m seeing this as nets of love, triangulated networks of light. They get absorbed into the soil like snowflakes falling and melting into the ground.

They enter the waters of the rivers and oceans as well and they are filled with a frequency, a tone, which helps stabilize and sustain the planet. Calming and nourishing.

You can tap into this by putting your bare feet on the ground, breathing deeply, and being grateful for life. Sending thanks into the planet.  There will be a reverberation of this energy and frequency that moves up through your feet into your heart.  It will rest there as a seed, as a mini-generator of gratitude to fuel the expression of your gifts. It will help you bloom.



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