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Stand in Your Light and Your Power


It’s been on my mind. I have been triggered a lot lately by what’s going on in the world – getting calm and centered then back on the roller coaster.

I finally realized it felt like waves of contractions.  I could feel the power building up inside me, ready to be birthed. I think that’s happening to a lot of women, these events and comments and political climate are bringing up some righteous readiness to stop anything that holds us down.

It came through in these two meditations – standing in our power, booming out our light.

The first invites you to stand and state your affirmation of the Light (this is based on my affirmation).

Invocation Meditation

For the second the energy of the Divine Feminine comes forth, touching your heart and asking you to shine.

Isis Message 101616

Each is 5 minutes long.

Here is the main part of the invocation for easy reference:

I am an emanation of the Divine Light.

I open now to receive and give forth that which by my divine destiny

is given from the source of Loving Creation.

I am an emissary of Light.

I open now to be all that I am and to allow the manifestation of these Divine gifts

to fully flow through me for the wellness of the world, the wellness of my own body,

and the loving presence of the Divine Light at work in my life.

This is my affirmation of the Light

and the invocation of my intention

manifest on all levels, planes, and dimensions of my consciousness.

So be it and so it is.

Beam it out baby.

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