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I will be sharing more messages now, many focused on anchoring the energy of our Soul and our direct connection to Source into our bodies and lives, as well as messages related to using our power and connections to co-create the new earth.  Here is a timely and intriguing message from the energy of the Aquarian realm – the full moon is September 16th for reference.

The coming full moon begins an energetic initiation process for many into a higher realm experience of interactions with their conscious connection to Source. This will in turn lead over time to a greater embodiment of their soul lineage characteristics and skills.  Opening up to new capabilities and traits that carry a higher frequency of light and a more direct connection to Source.

Many will begin remembering other times and places. Many will awaken from sleep with dreams and solid experiences that relate to cultures that have no correspondence on earth.

All is well and as planned. These new skills and remembrances serve to anchor these higher frequencies into the earth plane through the embodied Soul.

So as you walk the earth, as you go about your day, as you interact with loved ones, as you complete your work assignments, you are doing double duty in a way for you are seeding the planet – the earth, the soil, the winds – with these songs, these remnant and vital energies – of other energetic states of being.

You are planting seeds in the blueprint of the new earth. You are cultivating real energy states for humans to step into, even if these new energy states are unclear to you as well.  All pieces to the puzzle, all who are embodied now carry octaves of frequency and choruses of light in these seedings.

What does this mean to your everyday life?

You might find yourself drawn to places and histories and details that have not caught your attention previously. See this as a fun treasure hunt, there is no need to be serious about it or concerned as to how it will play out in your life.

No major changes or steps or commitments need follow these initial remembrances. Simply listen and watch for things of interest and allow yourself to follow the details to gain more exposure to the newly seeded light.

Times are coming when these seeds, however small, will bloom.  New ways of communicating, new approaches to information management and exchange happen almost daily now. It should be no surprise that additional rapid changes will begin to occur. 

Not only new means of communicating, but new connections as part of this communication will come.

It is a doorway. A portal of light, yes – but also simply a doorway to step through – to begin incorporating additional new things into your life as you have been doing quite frequently for these past few years.

No major actions are needed now. Simply open your mind and observe where it takes you.

In all of this you are safe and protected and deeply loved and honored for your willing steps into unknown adventures.

You may call upon me and the Archangels for support and further guidance in these times. You are deeply loved. So be it. 

For me this has been playing out in a number of ways. I am working with some new guides to develop a few new, small courses that can be done in a few days (think a mini soul spa). I am looking at moving back to the Chicago area, perhaps still this year. I have deepened my work with Pan and will be offering ways to participate in that soon – some of that continues unfolding.

What comes to mind when you read this? What draws your attention? It’s almost like we need an Aquarian Realm app to note what comes up and track the development of these ideas and energies. I’d love to hear what comes up for you as we move through the full moon and the eclipses of September.

I know that these can seem to be chaotic and disturbing times for many of us – here is a blessing from Archangel Michael for you to be surrounded and blessed with peace for your heart – as he shares, you are so deeply loved.

AA Michael Blessing 090516


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