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First the bliss: I have a new Shiba Inu puppy. Her name is Tenshi (which means angel in Japanese) and she’s snuggly and independent and so much fun.  She is surveying the birds outside feeding as well as the traffic.

The pain: there is so much suffering around the planet right now with flooding and fires and ‘us against them’ politics.  When I begin to feel despair about the state of the planet and what I can do, I pray and call in my guides.

I do this a lot and decided to record it tonight to share. Perhaps it will help you feel peace, and know your power and light as well.

You will hear some noises in the background. That’s Tenshi eating a snack and scampering around. She and the meditation/prayer bring me right back to the bliss, which is where we have our greatest power in my experience. May you be blessed with bliss this day as well.

Meditation/prayer with my guides for the planet and all upon her: 9.5 minutes. Listen with headphones or turn up the volume, it might be a bit soft.

Prayer to anchor light amidst the storms


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