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Unfolding and New Adventures

Over the past few months I’ve had new energies and capabilities flow through me in easy ways – it feels like an unfolding, a gentle blooming instead of a blast of expansion (as sometimes happens).

I’ve been asked to start having relaxed chats with my guides every day (and recording them) to get around some of the roadblocks I put in place to channel and share.

I hadn’t intended to share this but – hey, why not? 

This is a 17 minute meditation with my guides and I record what I’m experiencing, who shows up, what happens, and where we are. Maybe the energies (which were strong, you can hear me start to cry with Mother Mary at one point) – maybe you can ride the waves of this love like a spirit spa.  When you hear me let out a breath, a puff, it’s a way of releasing the energy so my body doesn’t get too much. 

For reference: I created an inner temple to meet with my guides. I go through a shower of light before I enter and there’s a massive doorway, a portal so I can shut out my ‘normal’ reality. I’m writing a book about this process as I don’t know anyone else who’s created an inner sanctuary quite like this – but there are multiple buildings, gardens, landscapes, and places for spirited adventures.

You’ll hear me reference a number of guides who you might have heard of (Luscious is the energy of money who presents herself as a joyous Caribbean woman in vibrant clothes and lots of laughter).  The Goddess Palace is new – it’s like a large Moroccan riad made out of selenite and we hang out there and have ceremonies on the rooftop lounge.

Gotta run with what shows up! 

You can approach this in a couple of ways:

:: Just listen like I’m telling you a story

:: Grab a crystal and set the intention that you’ll experience some crystal magic along with us

:: Set the intention to receive the energy shared in support of your gifts and path and see what pops in your head or in your dreams or in your writing or…

I’d love to hear if this helped you at all – it’s raw me but I’m trying to find ways to share that feel fun and this does. 

We can do work in this temple if that’s something you’d enjoy – there’s plenty of room for all. 

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