VIP Exploration Session

Not sure what is the best place for you to start working with me? See below.


If my work is intriguing and you’re looking for clarity and comfort but not sure which offer or program to choose, I offer a free 30 minute VIP Exploration Session where we talk about what you’re looking for, what I offer, how a program or course works, and we see if there’s some guidance that comes in while we’re at it.


This isn’t a channeled session although I will at least check in with the guides to see if they have comments or light to share.


I want you to love the work we do together, whether it’s an online course, a group session, or a VIP program that empowers you. So the free session is relaxed and fun and meant to feel good to both of us.


You can sign up here – you will be sent to a scheduling page and information about how to call in provided after that.

Schedule Appointment

Here’s to sharing our light and our gifts with ease and joy.  I look forward to our time together.

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