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Ready for some high powered help to reach your goals?



I work with the Goddesses when I want to focus on a specific goal and getting it done. They are quite powerful yet pragmatic – great energy for just getting it done!


We will focus on one goal and use their power and support to go after it – so you’ll have ways to connect with them in the future + action steps to keep moving toward your dream.


If you’ve always been drawn to a Goddess, feel a connection to a special Goddess, or just want to strengthen your spiritual practice by welcoming a Goddess into your life, you’ve come to the right place.


This will be a powerful class – the Goddesses have already begun assembling and are excited to participate.


Here’s a brief video with some truths about you and help you’ll get from class.



We will use my approach to maximizing their support: Envision, Empower, Anchor and Act


:: Envision a goal

:: Call in their support and set your intentions

:: With their help, anchor in the light of the completed goal into your cells and energy bodies

:: Focus on specific next steps to help you move towards your goal with their ongoing support.


In a series of 3 live channeled messages and meditations you will:


::  Pick one goal to work on during the class

::  Feel the energies of my Council of Goddesses

::  Connect with the specific Goddess you choose

::  Learn how to work with the Goddesses to take action on your goal

::  Create a practice for working with this Goddess based on simple scripts you can read

::  Resonate with the energy of this Goddess and the whole Council during your meditations

::  Be blessed by the presence of the Goddesses throughout the entire course (starting as soon as you sign up)


I’m not doing a big sales page or spelling out every way you’ll be changed by this –

I figure you’re already called if it’s right for you.

It’s a unique opportunity to feel their energy clearly and strongly.


There will be 3 live conference calls held on Tuesday evenings. A channeled meditation will be part of each call. The calls will be recorded and available immediately afterwards – no worries if you can’t make a call, the energy will be just as powerful for you when you listen.


During these calls you’ll have a visceral experience of the Goddesses – you will know without a doubt that they are all around you.


After each call you’ll get specific practices tailored to the guidance received during the channeled meditation along with a link to the recording.


What Do People Say About Live Meditations?



Jules, love what you’re sharing here. Your meditation last night was so reassuring (as usual). Thank you for sharing your unique gift with me! I always feel reconnected to my guides and to the planets in a way that helps me remember that everything is going to be all right and we are never alone. DK 


I am truly blessed and thankful that you are in my life!! I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude to you for sharing this initiation! Mary Louise


Thank you for conveying this beautiful message! Vera


Amazing, thank you! Morgan


Another Wow! A LOT of energy moving with this one. Thank you! Julie


I love this Julie! It made me tear up. I listened to it on the way home from work last night and again when I woke up so I could actually do the meditation. My body feels all tingly and happy! Kaity


I believe me crossing paths with your post about the Goddess class was, as I am hearing, Divinely ordained. Between last night and today I’ve listened to the Goddess Fortuna blessing 3 times, plus the full moon once!  I felt a greater connection to prosperity last night, with some really practical guidance!!! The Goddesses are definitely practical, as they understand we have earthly needs. I feel the strength of the Goddesses in my Being now, because they helped me reconnect to the strength within myself. They are all about empowerment, those Goddesses! I also feel inspired by your shining and sharing to do the same. All in all your clear energy and powerful channels are a conduit for powerful transformation!!! Thank you! Julia



So what might a call be like?

How can I be so sure you will truly feel them?


We had a full moon conference call on January 23rd where Isis and the Goddess Council were present and talked about the class, plus they shared a great deal of energy.  One of the strongest meditations I’ve ever channeled (don’t listen to this while driving).


Full Moon Call January 2016


Here’s another link, this for one of my meditations where Isis and the Goddess Council came forward to give me a blessing and to share their excitement and intention to participate in the class.


Goddess Council Fortuna Blessing


Why take this class with me?


I’ve worked with various Goddesses for 30 years as part of my meditation practice. A few years ago I started targeted work with Isis, and now there is an entire Goddess Council that supports my channeling and helps me meet my goals.


My channeled meditations are strong, I call them a visceral joy: you will feel and experience their presence. No doubt about it.


How will the class work? 


A week before class starts I’ll send you some background information on the Goddess Council and ask you to choose a goal to focus on.


I’ve set up a Pinterest page with a number of goddess images – check it out and see who calls to you.  Perhaps you already have a favorite goddess in mind – that’s great too.


You are free to choose a Goddess beforehand, work with a member of my Goddess Council, or see how who you are drawn to in the first meditation. The members of my Goddess Council are Isis, Hathor, Hecate, Artemis, Ishtar (Inanna), Brigid, Aphrodite, and Kuan Yin.


We will meet for 3 weeks in a row, we’ll start the calls with time for questions and comments. I will channel their presence and energy. Afterwards you’ll get a recording and some action steps or practices based on what is shared during the live call.




Is this Goddess worship?


There is no religious affiliation with this class. It’s meant to aid you in meeting your goals.


Will I get 1-on-1 time with the Goddesses?


This is a group class.  If you would like to explore VIP sessions look here.


Which Goddesses will we work with?


You will be able to call in the Goddess of your choice (they are already gathering in anticipation of the class). You can also choose to work with one of the members of my Goddess Council: Isis, Hathor, Hecate, Artemis, Ishtar (Inanna), Brigid, Aphrodite, and Kuan Yin.


How do I choose a Goddess to work with?


If you’ve always been attracted to a Goddess that is one option. I will send brief notes on the members of the Goddess Council prior to the class so you might be drawn to one of them. You can also review the Pinterest page or search online – there are many resources and Goddesses to choose from!


Schedule and Price


First class was a blast – next one coming soon.


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