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I know this has been such a rough year for many of us.

Archangel Michael offered a brief ceremony/journey to help us let go of what’s holding us back, tap into the love all around us, and get ready to welcome the new year. He said there is amazing light coming onto the planet now (vast is his word; it felt amazing to me when I channeled it). I have felt this too – the power of the light and increased help and guidance available to all of us.

I’m finally getting transcriptions done – here is the text of the message (although I encourage you to listen to it as there are frequencies that will support you coming through my voice – the link is below the transcribed text).

This is Archangel Michael. I come forward now, sweet dear ones, because this has been such a trying year, a tiring year.

So I would lead you on a brief journey to let go with that which tires or burdens and turn your face to the great light and love that is coming in to wash over you with the end of this year with the solstice and into the new year which will be brighter.

So close your eyes now.

Take a deep breath and just let everything go right now. Imagine that we are in front of a large, large flame, a large bonfire and the flame that comes out of this is white it is the white ray of purity.

You can wash the heat from these flames over you. You can stand in the flames to purify yourself.

They will not burn. They strengthen you.

You will see yourself cloaked in an old cloak that has many things stuck to the outside. Some are old messages pinned to it. Some are old sticky notes, some are receipts, stuck to it with some type of gum or something. It is not an attractive coat.

These are all the things that run through your mind, day in and day out, and keep you from remembering how truly glorious you are. The being of light as I see you, that you are every day. Even though sometimes that glorious light gets buried beneath these sticky receipts and messages to remind yourself of something important to feel you have to do. I invite you now to take this cloak off and throw it in the flames.

Look at your feet. Some of you have mudboots on, some of you old galoshes. There is no mud here. Take them off. It is a warm evening, you will not be chilled.

And now I want you to move your hands around your head and over your body as if you’re wiping away old energies, old stuck things. Set the intention that you are removing anything and everything in any of your energetic bodies that in any way holds you back from sharing and shining the glory of your heart and your gifts with ease and grace and joy.

I set the intention that the warmth of these flames move over you, transmuting all lower energies. Anything and everything that limits your ability to stand in your light and your power and glow. Anything in any of your energetic bodies, your cells, your systems, your organs, anything throughout all time and space, alternate and parallel realities, all known and unknown lifetimes, all soul extensions, anything that limits you. Any energetic blueprints, beliefs, cords, hooks, commitments, contracts, vows, ancestral lineage, belief patterns, anything and everything which limits you: the flames now wash over you and transmute it. So you are empowered by this light but also cleansed, cleansed on a cellular level through all your energetic bodies, down to your DNA.

You are pure light now.

And ground this down through your feet and into the earth. For you are being gifted your life upon her life.

You are lightened now.

And now, we come to the glorious part of this visualization. You will see around this bonfire buckets, buckets filled with jewels: rubies and sapphires and emeralds and diamonds.

Some of them are quite large. Some of them are very tiny. You may pick these up and put them on any of your chakras or places in your body where you would like to activate energies. For instance, a ruby on your third eye, an emerald on your heart, a sapphire in your throat, a diamond in your third chakra. if you wish to stimulate your creativity, place a ruby in the palm of your hands.If you wish to have movement in the new year, place a topaz on your feet. Place as many jewels as you want, create a necklace of them that hangs between your throat and your heart with the intention that it gives voice to your gifts and your creativity.

And now standing behind you are rings of your guides, circles and rings and they are singing, toning, the Hathors are present.My family of the Archangels is present, Isis and the Goddess Council are present.

These tones anchor the frequencies and light of these jewels into your cells. Anchoring your intention, your dreams for the new year.

And if you wish to come back to this meditation, once you have your goals and your dreams for the year spelled out, you may do so. Or you may set the intention that as these energetic jewels become part of your energetic bodies, that you may activate the frequency and the support of your family of guides and all those who I have named as being part of this process.

You may call upon their support when you set your intention to make your goals and your dreams manifest on the physical plane in this coming year. For this is the year that comes, these are the energies that support you. Even amid all this struggle and strife on so many levels present on this planet now.

Vast, powerful light floods this planet now. Do not be distracted. No matter how grave the external situation appears to be. You are based in the highest divine light now you are supported and championed. In all areas of your life you are fully resourced now to make all of your dreams come true, to make all of your gifts and your light shine forth as the most brilliant starlight that you are. Know that you are supported. Know that you are guided. You are never alone. Set your intention with each morning that you will walk in the light of your soul. And when you go to bed each night, be grateful for the blessings of that day.

You have so many blessings.Clean air, clean water, safe home, the freedom to dream, access to information and guidance. The ability to make your dreams manifest on the physical plane now.

Stand tall in your light and shine even as you walk through your day, a simple normal day.

Anchoring this light and shining changes the world. We are all creating heaven on earth now with each day with each step with each intention with each dream with each calling forth of your guides, with each partnering with the angels with the goddesses, with Pan with the Devas and the Elementals with each honoring of the planet with each prayer for guidance and grace.

Be empowered. Envision your dreams. Anchor them on the physical plane. Manifest your gifts and your light.

We are all about you now, and you are so deeply, deeply loved. I am Archangel Michael. So be it, and so it is.


I invite you to listen to this 11 minute journey and blessing. May your heart be lightened by it.

AA Michael Message


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