An Exuberant Message to Help Now

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Creative Inspiration and Joyful Support

This is technically a Solstice message, but I’d suggest tapping into it any time you need some inspiration for creating more of what you want in your life and getting the support to do it.

The Aquarian Light Council share details of the massive light streams coming onto the planet now, and how we can bask in that light to help us remember why we are here now – they also share details of how we might change soon.

Key Message

We come forward, the conjoined chorus of light that we refer to as the Aquarian light Council. It is a joyous, energetic opening, a vast increase of the frequencies and harmonics and octaves of light that are coming onto the planet right now. Octaves of light of multi dimensional expressions of light of geometric sacred codes of light coming in as part of these frequencies that flow to you now. Yes, the intention is to support you, in remembering your power and your light and your truth, the very truth of why you chose to be here now and who you truly are. We are holding open these portals of light with this waterfall of this liquid light that you can bathe in. To remind you of why you came and what you are here to do now. We are cheering you on. And we will hold open these portals.

The time of light on this planet has come. You have already won. So move forward. triumphantly sharing your gifts with such grace and ease. And so much creative joy. We see you embodying that joy and we love it. You are so deeply loved and so supported.

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