Below you’ll find brief guidance on things you’ll find helpful when learning how to meditate and access your inner guidance.

How to get grounded, how to set a safe and sacred space, scripts, tips and brief journeys.

Steps I use every day, enjoy.

Below you’ll find brief meditations, scripts, channeled messages, and journeys. Get all up in it.


If you do only 1 thing on this website, listen to this video. It pretty much sums up all of my work.



Grounding and Clearing Meditations


You have to get grounded before we start up cause this is a whole lot of light, baby – and I want you to be able to get all up in it!


Here is a gentle grounding using a tube of light.



Here is one that grounds and clears your energy together, a bit more lively music

Ground and Clearing 


Script for Setting a Safe Space


It’s important to make sure you’re in a safe space and working with high energy guides. Here’s a script to help from the Meet Your Guides class.

Tune up class 1 setting clear space


Channeled Meditations and Journeys


Areas of Strife and War, Prayers for Peace – prayer for peace


Ring of Fire  – meditation sending light around the planet, focused on the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean


Out with the Old, in with the New – 10 minute journey to release limits and step into good stuff


Get the Memo: You’re Worthy – everything I want you to remember.


Getting in resonant harmony with your Family of Light – message from the Archangels


Clearing ancestral lineage around money + freedom – journey with my guides


When you’re tired and discouraged, some comfort – blessing


How to call on the Angels – channeled guidance


When times are rough here’s a release and blessing from the Archangels – blessing