How a Netflix Binge Changed My Life

Resilience + Clarity


Law of Attraction and Big Shifts

All sorts of miracles have been happening for me, and they feel so right and so normal that I didn’t notice what a huge shift it was until last week when I made some financial declarations that could have felt like failure but felt serenely rich and right.

I’m no Law of Attraction expert or any type of money guru. But I am an expert at transmuting bullshit into power, and calling on a whole range of Divine Beings to help me when I need it, and trusting/knowing/leaning back into the support they give me. That wasn’t always the case, and overcoming that lead to the miracles.

Let me explain (hopefully concisely, I fear I could ramble on about this for a good long while) what’s been transmuted over the last year or so for me: lots and lots of self doubt, self hatred, fear of not being able to complete my mission, fear of ever being able to share my light (and hiding from my Guides and you in the meantime).

I finally couldn’t stand it and drew a line in the sand – enough! And demanded help (over and over and over, in varying tones of hope and despair) to find within me some self love. I listened to my inner voices and changed the scripts (with help) and thought of what I wanted to FEEL when my dreams came true.

I listened to many people (including Abraham and Sonia and Colette and Jeannette).

I realized what I really wanted was to feel serene.  Serenely wealthy, which for me is knowing I always have all the resources I need to do everything I want (including time, money, creativity, power, health, energy and focus).

Feeling my way into having it be normal to be fully resourced and supported (even when this isn’t reflected in my life at the moment).

I didn’t know what it would feel like for my normal reality to be ‘fully resourced’ – so I binge watched The Queen on Netflix.  If anyone expects that it’s normal to have a life of abundance, it’s her.

Being the Queen Me

So what happened?  I tried on this vibe and found that I could more easily lean back into the support of my Guides (which I have in the past routinely ignored, being stubborn about having to do it myself and messing things up). I easily found and moved into the most perfect place to live. I started writing again and feel excited about it. I created a podcast.

I’m feeling good about my power and my channeling, sharing new messages and Beings I’m working with.

I feel richly blessed and blessedly rich.

I am Being the Queen Me, blissfully, creatively, serenely, radiantly.

These are my miracles.

I can help you do the same if that’s of interest.

For now, think about what drains you, and try on different visions of how you really want to feel.

Archangel Gabriel gave me a message about this once, ending it with ‘serene, serene, we glide as one’. Here’s to a week of gliding as one with our Soul and Guides.


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