How to Talk to Your Guides Quick Course

I’ve included links to the videos, mp3’s and pdf’s so the page will load quicker and everything is easy to see so you can keep track of what you’ve completed. You can come back and review the materials as often as needed or you can download everything.



Session 2.  Tools and Tips

Things to have handy if you choose, a list of suggestions with some do’s and don’ts. Start with the audio.

Session 3.  Getting Set Up

Two Critical Steps

  • Setting a safe and sacred space
  • Getting Grounded

When you take care of these two steps each time you want to talk to your guides, even if you are walking or going through your day, it will help you know that what you are perceiving is correct. There are additional guided meditations and materials related to this on the Freebies page.

Listen to the audio lesson, look at the pdf, do the action items

Action Items

Play around with getting grounded – which one works best for you? Can you feel a difference when you do this? Even if you can’t it’s still important.

Use the script for the safe and sacred space – how does this feel? Revise it until the wording and process feels right for you. 

Session 4.  Talk to Your Guides

Here We Go! Listen to the audio a few times. Read through the pdf questions and make some notes for future reference. Remember – you might not perceive anything but they are with you. It takes time and commitment but you can do it. 

Session 5. How You Get Guided

There are a whole bunch of ways they reach out to you. Listen to the audio and check out the list of possibilities. 

Action Items

How have you been getting guided? Use your notebook, this list will continue to grow.

Ask them to give you a sign, to show you they are around. Give it a day or two – what happened? How are you feeling? If you feel like guidance isn’t showing up – tell them to make it more obvious and more easily understood.

Keep talking.

Session 6. What to Say

Lots of folks get stuck with this. What to say, how to say it, will they be angry with me, can I really do this. Listen to the audio session and then contemplate the questions on the pdf – something more for your notebook.

The most common message from my guides (and I’ve been working with them for 30+ years) is that we are deeply, deeply loved. If you are struggling with thinking you don’t know how to do this or what to say or worried you’re not worth talking with – please check out the bonus meditations in Session 7.

Session 7. Next Steps

What to do now? If you aren’t having vivid experiences yet, or not perceiving anything from your guides – no worries.  This process can take a time. It’s like any long-term friendship – you learn to understand each other and know how to best communicate. I’ve put together a 1 page sheet that covers this whole process for easy reference.

Play with it, have fun. That’s the most important thing, make the process your own and fun.

Bonus Meditations

I channeled four bonus meditations for you from my guides, two from the Archangels (Michael and Gabriel) and two from the Goddesses (Isis and Artemis) that will bathe you in love and greatly support your process.

You can use these meditations as the basis for your interactions with your guides if that helps – just call in your guides to be part of the meditation. You will benefit from it no matter what you sense (or not).

The order of the meditations/blessings is AA Michael, AA Gabriel, Isis and Artemis – this is the order they came in so I kept it. Listen/use one or all of them. They are each three minutes or less.