Isis Diamond Light/Equinox Activation – Parts 2 and 3


So after a day of puppy noises on recordings, I finally finished this and Isis wanted to include the 2nd and 3rd components into one recording.  You can do the 2nd part and stop, and then revisit the recording to complete the process.

I know that some people (including me) wanted to have this complete now so here we are – you can tap into the energies of both the new moon and the spring equinox if you are doing this now, or whenever you revisit these activations, the energies will still be present.

This is a pretty trippy 3rd session so don’t plan on listening to any of this while driving, and you might need to lie down or go for a walk after this – whatever helps you relax and allow the energies to support and spark your light.

I felt this very strongly in my 3rd eye (which makes sense). If you get strong feelings in a chakra, if you gently tap there with a couple of fingers, it helps to integrate the energies. Taking an Epsom salt bath helps your body integrate energies, as does walking in nature.

We are increasingly working with Isis energy technologies, approaches that could be called magical but which she refers to as energy technologies. Our ability to take advantage of this energy depends upon using our imagination and relaxing into the experience without a mental evaluation of what is happening or how this might be working.

I’d love to know what you experience with this now and over the coming months as the energies continue to unfold. May we all be blessed by our bloomings.

If you want to listen to part 2 only, it ends at 11:30.

If you want to listen to part 3 after completing part 2 it starts right after that.

Or listen to it in one session, it’s just under 30 minutes. Enjoy.

Isis Diamond Light Equinox Activations parts 2 and 3




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