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Soul Agreements and Our Spirit Guides


So I’ve spent much of the last five years yelling at myself for not having created a business that allows me to leave my job – telling myself to get a move on and stop hiding (which only made me hide more).

Over the last week I’ve realized something different (and it’s based on listening to Abraham Hicks and getting nudged from my guides): the times when I have felt stuck are the times when I need to call in my guides – grab the support I have at hand. The feeling is the nudge to reach out NOT a sign of failure.

When I go into the despair drudges and wallow about in self hatred for a day or two years or whatever it ends up being, I am just pushing away the help that I need to get out of my funk.

We all have agreements to work with our Soul and our guides to help.

We have agreements with people in our lives.

My guides have been telling me that part of my mission as a channel is to transmit messages from the Goddesses, Archangels and Star Beings to people who are waiting to hear them – part of my agreement is to be that transmitter (and since I’ve been hiding, there’s a big need to transmit now) – especially with the energies swirling around the planet.

Many of us are ready to share our talents and gifts in fresh ways. Here’s what I’ve recently realized as part of that, too.

Surrendering and Asking for Help

A lot of the reason I’ve hidden so much is that I didn’t feel like I could fulfil my part of the bargain. That I was flawed in some basic way and might as well give up and try again next time.

We all have a bunch of gifts and talents but the ones I call our wild genius: those are the ones that take us over, where we forget time as we experience them. For me the difference between something you’re good at and your wild genius is that, in exploring that talent or gift, you will surrender to it and let it take over a bit, lead the way. It’s this aspect of surrendering to it, to the light of your Soul, your inspiration¬† – whatever you want to call it.

I first felt this surrender when I was a little girl playing the piano. I loved to get to where I had memorized a piece so I didn’t have to think about it, I could experience it and explore and feel it when I played. Sometimes when I would do that, I would look down at my hands from above my body (this was 45+ years ago, we didn’t have the concept of leaving your body) – when that would happen I knew I was really PLAYING the music.

Same with painting – I have no training (and little skill) as a painter but after my divorce I felt compelled to paint these color meditations (without a better word for it) and the only way I could do it was to surrender to the process and the painting would come through.

What’s like that for you? Are you good at realizing when you’re stuck and just need to ask for help?

If you want some help with any of that I developed a mini-course How to Talk to Your Guides with fun, easy steps, tested tips and scripts to follow that you can do in a week or a weekend to get the answers you’re seeking.

Here’s to our wild genius romping through our dreams and scampering around in our days!


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