More Chaos Comes Here’s How To Deal With It

Guidance + Meditations, Resilience + Clarity

An alternative way to get grounded, why you need to, and the best way to help now

There are stargates opening and vast increases in the frequencies coming onto the planet.  There are a greater number of star beings and councils of light that you can call upon. Yes.

But the distorted energies of those who would wish to keep control of this planet are also increasing. Many things that we will not discuss but which extend into energies of light manipulation, and weapons of frequency and radiation. Distortions of electromagnetic energies, anything and everything that they can use to maintain control of this planet will increase in the coming months.

It is very easy for you to get distracted and blown about by the energies coming out of the media, including all forms of social media now.  We would suggest that you limit the time that you spend on these platforms each day.

The most effective contribution that you can make right now on the planet is to be the light that you are, you need not shove it into another person; you need not imagine yourself doing battle against the other energies, because that in some ways, supports their presence. If you have ever been in a hurricane, you know what the eye of the hurricane feels like. Be in that eye.

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