Praying for a Peaceful Planet

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Anchoring Light on the Planet

So I was doing a meditation to anchor light and love around the planet last night, as I frequently do, and thought it would be good to share it since I have folks ask me about my earth work. It’s about 10 minutes long.

Prayer for the Planet

Your Superpower of Intention

If you like it and you would like to add your light it’s easy to do.

You can use the superpower of your intention and state: I set the intention that I am safe as I send my light as part of this prayer for peace. I call forth all of my guides of highest light and ask that their light support peace on the planet now.  I ask that I be blessed with joy, peace, grace and ease. So be it, and so it is.

You can ground so it’s easier for more light to flow through you – just imagine either magnets on the bottom of your feet holding you to the planet, or imagine tree roots growing out of your feet into the ground, or set the intention that you are grounded.  Our intention is magic.

Here’s to peace on earth now. So be it.


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