Shifting Energies of the Next 3 Months

Guidance + Meditations, Resilience + Clarity

Increasing Chaos, Opportunities, and Tips On How to Handle It All

The Arcturians share details on how to create a safe space for your home and family, and transitions underway for many of us. We can experience a new energy architecture for our lives.

We wish to share information and details about energetic structures available in the coming times to support your expansion, to shield yourself from negative incoming energies. And to support a smooth transition into living with higher frequencies, living in greater connection to your soul, lining up with the energies that will pour onto the planet. In previous transmissions, the light counsel I shared with you that the chaos of this year will continue and amplify in the next three months through the rest of this year. Because of the amount of disruptions present in your cultures, we feel it is best to focus on the rest of the year and not move into discussions of 2021. But we would like to tell you that there will be in a clearing of the clouds.

It is completely in line with the power of your soul and your divine mission and moving forward in the light to command that you’d be safe. To command the help of your guides. You are a powerful divine creative force. And so sometimes it is quite useful when it is necessary to claim that this will be one of those times.



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