Solstice Anointing Ceremony

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Harmonic Resonance Ceremony


The Cosmic Isis came forward to share a wonderful ceremony to celebrate the Solstice energies. This is my favorite ‘holiday’ – for me the energies of the solstice are an invitation and gateway to the expanded energies of the new year – and from what I’m sensing – next year is going to be a blast of big energy bringing us capabilities to vastly expand.

And huzzah to that – the past few months have been one of feeling like I’m in a tar pit of old energies that drained me. Part of what’s great about this ceremony is getting in resonant harmony with the Archangels and Goddesses present (and there are many).

This is a big theme for my work – being in resonant harmony with expanded aspects of ourselves and our guides so the old, outdated energies just fall away – they get overwritten with new programming in (hopefully) joyful, grace-filled ways.

You’ll notice this starts low – my voice was hoarse and Isis sometimes comes in quieter than Archangel Michael.

I always love rituals and ceremonies to mark the solstice – I hope you enjoy this one. There’s plenty of love in it for you.

You can use this any time you want support or to tap into some luscious Divine Feminine energies.

It’s not tied to any time of year, so get all up in it! 


Listen here 


Isis Solstice Ceremony


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