The companion workbook is available in paperback, including additional scripts and two bonus sections to support your practice.

About The Book

Your guides are already around you, ready with comfort and clarity on ways to create the life you want.

Dispelling common myths about working with guides, this wonderfully accessible, practical, and easy to follow guidebook shows you how to work with your guides using simple scripts, tested tips, and messages from Jules’ guides for support.

By the end of this book you’ll have the tools you need to ask for and trust the guidance you get so you can go after your dreams with confidence, starting in Chapter 1.

A companion workbook is available on Amazon. 

Steps Covered

  • How guidance comes and how to recognize it
  • Tools we’ll use (you probably have everything you need already)
  • How to set up a practice where you can trust what you’re sensing
  • The types of guides that might be helping you
  • How to ask for help and understand it when it comes
  • How to ask for help in times of trauma or chaos
  • How you might get stuck/questions you have and answers
  • How to work with your guides to go after your dreams
  • How to work with your guides to reach your goals
  • Creating a sustainable practice that fits into your life.


    What might surprise you most is how much love they share with you.

    The message they always give:

    how deeply loved we are.

    What’s inside

    • Simple scripts
    • Easy steps
    • Ways to get unstuck
    • Dealing with trauma
    • How to forgive
    • Illness, dying and death
    • Tested tips
    • Channeled messages
    • Comfort and clarity
    • Your dreams come true
    • More ease, flow + joy
    • A better life + world

    Early Reader Reviews

     “Friendly and practical, I could feel the guides guiding the words.”

    “Absolutely excellent exercises.”

    “I found my guides were surrounding me as I read the book.”

    “The book gives you tools, scripts, practical tips, and a huge dose of unconditional love on every page.”

    “It is the step by step you have been waiting for.”




    “This book is not just a read; it’s an experience. This exceptional book is a treasure trove of knowledge and guidance.” -Midwest Book Review

    “Jules Apollo has simplified the process so that anyone, anytime, anywhere can start right away to improve any situation. Apollo has crafted scripts and tips that kick-start the process without need for special tools, the ability to meditate, or long stretches of undisturbed time. In this valuable book for anyone seeking spiritual support, Apollo has convincingly explained how spirit guides are available and ready to serve.”  -Starred Review, BlueInk 

    “A feel-good, nonintimidating starting point for developing a practice of channeling one’s spirit guides, Spirit Guides on Speed Dial is an edifying personal development book with recommendations to help people become cocooned in the love of higher beings.” –Foreword Reviews

    “Apollo provides practical yet satisfying steps to accessing spirit guides in this approachable debut.” -Booklife Reviews

    About the author.




    For over three decades, Jules Apollo has shared her down-to-earth approach to working with guides with her students, focused on easy access to inner wisdom.

    In these times of chaos, everyone can benefit from the comfort and clarity of inner wisdom, intuition and soul strengths. Her work shows you how. She loves forest walks with her Shiba Inu, watching old movies, and reading stacks of books.