3 Steps To Help You Trust And Surrender

Resilience + Clarity

I received a question the other day about how to surrender and trust.  The request was specific to doctors and related to healing but it got me thinking about surrender and trust in the broader context of knowing if we’re doing the right thing, and then how we can work with our guides to help us feel more confident that we’re making the right decisions.

Here’s what I do.

First, it’s good to know that our guides frequently use other people to answer our requests.

Second, the more you set up a standing practice for working with your guides, perhaps an evening ritual of gratitude and requests in your journal before sleeping, the easier it will be for you to recognize help when it comes.  You’re learning the language of your guides.

You still have to use discernment though, and that’s what we’ll go into right now. These steps might help you get clarity as you move through your day:

1. Make sure you are calm – take 3 deep breaths, the kind that fill your belly up, and slowly release them.  By the end of 3 breaths you should feel calmer – if not, do another 3.

2. Say a small prayer/meditation asking for what you need.  For example, you just got advice by someone (a doctor, your boss, a friend) and you’re not sure if it’s the right thing to do.  You could say the following:

‘I am that I am. I ask help from my Divine IAM presence (your soul) and my guides of highest light to receive clear guidance and clarity on what is the best thing to do now for my highest good. I ask that I feel the correct approach as a response in my body. Please make the guidance easily understood, thank you.’

You’ll note that we are calling in both your expanded self (your IAM, the glorious divine parts of you not stuck here in this body, this provides an elevated perspective) and your guides.  The intent is to get you a solid connection to both of these rivers of energy so you stand here AS the light of your soul, unencumbered by limiting mental patterns as well as in touch with the guidance that is part of your soul family (your guides).

3. Pay attention to what shows up. How would this guidance show up? You might see a billboard, hear a song while you’re driving, overhear a conversation next to you that talks about exactly what you’re concerned about.

You might get a physical response to a choice.  You could feel goosebumps if it’s the right thing, or a tug in your tummy (people refer to their intuition as a gut feeling for this reason), you might feel a warmth in your heart.  You might just feel good about one choice, and anxious or bad about another.  Your emotions can tell you the right thing to do.

You can tell your guides how you’d like to feel the response.  I used to tell my guides that I’d feel a warmth in my heart if it was the right thing to do or if I was hearing/sensing correctly. If that makes you think you’re having a heart attack, just say you want to feel goosebumps.  No need to add more stress!

I get goosebumps when they are behind me, when they have my back. I feel calm and quiet inside when it’s the right thing – truth shuts up my lizard brain.

What if you are anxious about doctors and healing in general, or if it’s guidance from a boss and you want to make a great impression?  There are times when it can be so hard to hear, to get calm enough to recognize guidance, to just get out of your freaking out brain.  For me, if it’s something related to my kids, especially if one of them is sick, it’s so hard for me to get clear and calm so that I can access my guidance.

In those instances I do 2 things:

First, I do the breathing and I make sure I’m evaluating the situation from my heart and not my head (an easy way to get out of your head, even for a moment, is to hand on your heart, tilt your head down a bit, and take a deep breath – try it).

Then I just tell them – look, I’m really tense you have to make the guidance outstandingly clear and easy for me to understand.  🙂  It’s ok to give them feedback. Subtle is not what you need right now.

I do muscle testing when I’m going through my day and I need an answer quickly.  I also pay a lot of attention to my emotions since feeling bad is something I used to overlook and hindsight has taught me that this is a mistake.

In really bad times I just say ‘help me help me help me I don’t know what to do’ and I just let myself be moved.  Here’s an example.  My kids are fighting (they are teens). I try to intervene but it’s not working.  I ask my guides to help me. I let it rest for a moment and then I just do what my body feels like.

A lot of times its either something physical like unloading the dishwasher or I sit in my closet and cry – and then a bit of time passes and things shift.  Something happens or I’m moved or it gets resolved without me doing anything.

This is sometimes what surrender and trust look like for me – accepting that I don’t have to take care of everything or that a decision doesn’t need to be made right now just because my mind/ego thinks it should happen.

We all have inner critics, those internal voices that tell us over and over again what’s wrong with us, our dreams won’t come true, what are we thinking, things will never work out.

You have to find a way to shut those up – and the best way to do that is to learn to trust yourself so you’re powered up to tell them to be quiet.

Trust covers two things – in yourself and in your guidance. You have to feel like you’re worthy of getting what you ask for and getting the help you need from your highest guides. 

Silencing your inner critics can take time and effort and this is something I’ll deal with in another post. I don’t have a quick answer for how to trust yourself but I do have some tips for making sure you’re interacting with high energy guides.

Make sure you’re setting a safe space, get grounded (check the Freebies page, there are quick meditations to do all of that).

Then talk to your guides.  A lot.  They are always with you and they are always listening and ready to help.  The more you talk to them, no matter what you sense during these interactions, the quicker you’ll be able to feel/sense/know that they are always around, love you madly, and have your back every time.

Here’s a channeled message to help you feel more worthy, and to start loving/trusting yourself a bit more. Let yourself really listen and absorb what is transmitted here – this sums up everything that I would love you to know as deep truth about who you truly are (video is 8 minutes long).


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