Taking inspired action is how you embody this peace

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With the incoming energies of the full moon and the energetic openings of these times, we have the opportunity to focus on peace, bring it in, anchor and embody it. The energetic truth of these times – one of them – is that if we focus on the unseen energies and not what’s presented as reality by the media, we can bring the energies of peace onto the planet with enough power to alter the baseline frequency of the planet. We can  support the rise of a more just planet, instead of sitting in the rotting stew of the dying patriarchal architecture.

I asked if my guides had a message about the powerful energies beaming onto the planet now. They shared this message:

There will come times of increased stress and chaos. You might have heard this for years, and that would be true as we and other guides and beings have shared this. But the time is now more current, closer, the entropy of energy on the planet moving toward greater chaos. So what can you do? What do we propose?

Stillness and peace. Rest and reflection on how you want the world to be. Calling in your support network of spiritual help and guidance, however you call it – God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Oneness – to surround you in peace, to fill you until it spills out and around you. Let it seep into your life and home and bed and dreams. Rest in peace and rise into each day in peace. Eat in peace and dream and email and envision all aspects of your life in peace. Creativity, joy, paying bills, cleaning, completing your to-do list: all in a framework, an ecosystem of peace.

This peace – filled with it, cocooned and comforted in its still grace – has the power and energy to call forth the world as you want it to be. Fair, just, sustainable, creative, joyful, inclusive, expansive. Outward facing yet bonded in energies of peace and the integrity of the energies of Oneness. And therefore just and filled with sustained light of the power of pure love.

Don’t let your mind limit this as not possible. There are miracles and multi-dimensional solutions right at hand to help solve the global problems limiting apparent possibilities. Your role, as embodied energy, as able to perceive more just, equitable and sustainable solutions – your role is to anchor the energy of light and pure love that you can call forth – and the support of entities not limited by perceived possibilities – to co-create with these energies and light and love a new way of being on the planet. Not to find immediate solutions to all the issues facing you as a population now, but to begin the process. To embody all you are and what you envision could be. We will bring the support to shift the power structures on the planet which are attempting to limit these possibilities.

Believe in your light, believe in the power of love all around supporting you. See and feel and smell and touch a balanced and sustainable planet in your dreams. We will help you make your visions real. So be it.

That’s a great message, powerful and inspiring, but what can you do with it? Here’s a script you can use to get the support of your spirit guides to help you embody and anchor your light:

“I call upon all of my spirit guides and helpers of highest light, to support me envisioning and anchoring peace. I set the intention that I sense the peace around me that’s being shared by my spirit guides, and feel it in my body and in my life. I ask for support and guidance to sit in stillness, imagine a peaceful planet in as much detail as possible, and anchor that peace in my heart, mind and body so I walk through this day as a beacon of light and peace, doing what I can to enable a new way of being on the planet with ease, grace, flow and joy. I ask for support to make this happen. Thank you.”

If you feel nudged to take action based on these energies and your guidance, do it. Small or big doesn’t matter. Taking inspired action is how you embody this peace.



  1. Judith

    Thank you Jules for sharing. I feel the energetic support. To choose love and free? or transform? or release the fear, or what seems to limit me, us, the divine aspects of us.
    Love to you and all, Judith

    • Jules

      Thank you Judith – I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and feel the energies, they’re so powerful now, I’m glad the guides are sharing ways to take advantage of them. Take care, Jules


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