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The 8/8 Lion’s Gate Energy’s Like the Serengeti Sky

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I was sensing the energy a lot today for the upcoming Lion’s Gate on 8/8. It feels massive and expansive, like someone took the roof off the planet and we’re being blanketed in light that covers the entire sky.

Like a cloudburst of high frequency love.

I’ve been watching safari videos on YouTube (dreaming) and it felt like the sky over the Serengeti.

What’s the Lion’s Gate? It’s a powerful energy portal on 8/8 every year. The sun is in Leo (so the lion reference) and Earth, the Orion constellation, and Sirius are in alignment. It’s a time to focus on our dreams and embody the power, love and strengths of our soul, our expanded self.

From My Guides

I checked in to see if there was any guidance that wanted to come forward for you. Here it is.

The Lion’s Gate opening is vast as you have seen – the Serengeti is a good visualization of this. The best way to take advantage of this incoming wave is to get grounded and rest in a place of beauty and comfort – a garden, a room in the home, a park if you can relax and have privacy. 

Close your eyes, set the intention to be open to receiving the highest love and light coming onto the planet with ease and joy for all your energetic bodies on the physical plane. 

Ask that the light bring inspiration to share more of your soul gifts and strengths (and how to recognize them if you aren’t sure what they are – they are many and needed now). 

Surrender to this light and allow it to seep in. Sense it as sunlight warming your skin and then sinking in – like you are a tree and the light is what directly fuels you through your leaves. This gentle practice will be effective and invigorating on 8/8 but can be a weekly ritual of grace and gratitude throughout each month. 

We are sending of course great love in this message and the peace and wellbeing of the energies of bliss that we transmit. 

You must remain strong in your light now and steady. If politics or earth conditions bring on despair or anger or frustration – anything that takes you away from feeling peaceful – turn off whatever media source is contributing.  Get to a place of peace – as we noted above, a garden or place of calm beauty in your home. Get grounded and ask to be bathed, cocooned, held, supported and loved with the energies of all your guides. We may be called upon as well – all of the beings working with Jules, including the Archangels, Goddess Council, Andromedon Councils of Light, and we, the Exaltia.

May you be blessed in your work and all your days in these times of great change and light. So be it.

A Rebel Act of Light

Choosing to be a beacon, to shine in these chaotic and increasingly unsettling times is an act of energetic rebellion. All it takes is to choose to have your heart open and love flowing in from your soul and out of you. It can be as simple as intending for your heart to be open as your shop for groceries. Or you can intend that you are anchoring love into the planet through your garden, or through your creativity when you write or take photos or appreciate art. Powerful love flowing out is its own protection and inspirational fuel at the same time.

Ready to be a rebel? These energies can help you with that.


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