Your Superpowers: Intention and Imagination

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The Arcturians, Resonance, Intention, and Imagination

The Arcturians share simple ways to protect yourself energetically during these chaotic times. They talk about how to use your intention and imagination – which they refer to as our superpowers – to strengthen our protection and to create what we want in our life. The power of creative joy.

Now we are going to play with two of your superpowers. One is your intention. And one is your imagination. Setting your intention calls in the power of your spirit and makes it manifest on the physical plane. For instance, I set the intention that I am in a safe and sacred space within this pyramid form. I set the intention that it is easy for me to perceive my intuition today. I set the intention that I am always in a safe space. I set the intention that I am not alone or put off-kilter by the politics of these days.

So your imagination can transcend time and space. Because you are putting your energy into the end result of what you seek. Can you see the power in this especially lined up with your intention, you bring in that focus and you drive toward the end goal immediately. And when you do this within this geometric form, that is contained, constructed with the light and which your frequency has established. And when you call in your intention, there you are calling in the power of your soul as part of that intention. So you are infusing this geometric form with the energy of your I Am Presence, your soul, and the energy of your guides. This is why we recommend this practice. It is an easy thing. It is powerful, it can be playful. There is no way to do this wrong.

Set the intention that the work you do is of the highest service to people on the planet. Set the intention that you are grateful for the blessings of this planet in the beauty all around you. Set the intention that your energy is connected to the planet and that you are grounded and graced by her presence. Using this connection to nature, combined with light, combined with a geometric form, anchors you onto the planet and makes all your dreams and the light that you are manifest in a much more substantial form quickly and easily.



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